How January’s Full Wolf Moon will affect you

Our first Full Moon of 2021 greets us on the evening of January 28. Technically, it will be at its fullest point early morning at 6:16 of January 29, but we will receive a glorious view of it rising in the sky during the twilight of the 28th.

Taking it's name from Native American folklore, this Full Moon is called the Wolf Moon. Similar to the April Pink Moon or the August Sturgeon Moon, the name is derived from the natural phenomena during this lunation. The Wolf Moon was a time that the wolves in America howled likely due to hunger during the peak of the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Our Full Moon arrives in the fiery sign of Leo. Full Moons are said to be a time of illumination. Secrets are uncovered, the hidden forces at work are revealed and all the energy from the current lunation reaches a peak. If you've used the previous New Moon to set intentions, now is a time where you can start to see the fruits of your labour. And this particular Full Moon will bring a bit of extra drama to the mix thanks to flashy, ego-centric Leo.

The Leo Moon is one that will encourage you to seek out fun and flamboyance. This sign loves attention and wants to turn you into a bit of a diva. Adding to the mix, an angry angle with Mars looking to fan any existing flames. But on the other side of things, we have a strong planetary pull to Aquarius. The Sun, Saturn and Jupiter are all currently sitting in this visionary and innovative sign. If you're prone to giving into the energetic burst offered by the Full Moon, leaning on the energy from Aquarius can help you achieve some balance.

In order to make the most of this celestial event, now is a good time to do some soul searching. With the Moon in Leo bringing our ego to the forefront, now is a good time to question how you place yourself against others. Are you selfish to the detriment of others? Or do you tend to have a habit of never putting yourself first? For those who tend to be more self-sacrificing, Leo's burst of egotism can help you set your priorities straight. On the other side, if you tend to be on the more selfish side, try to reflect and take a macro view of how your actions impact others.

In addition to its loud and attention-loving nature, Leo is also a brave leader. Thus, this energetic peak can help you muster the confidence you've been waiting for. If you've been needed an extra push to help you take a much needed leap, now is the time. Call on the Moon in Leo and it could help you take the lead.

Remember, the exact nature of the impact a Full Moon can have is about the energy that you invite into your life. Try to welcome in the influences that will serve you best. Use this as a time to have your thoughts and feelings organised before the impending Mercury Retrograde coming at the end of January.


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Image:  Muhammad Ali on Unsplash