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Our music editor shares her favourites songs from January 2024

Our music editor shares her favourites songs from January 2024

I’m the kind of person who still thinks it's acceptable to say "Happy New Year!" until February, so given my cavalier attitude to time, my January 2024 music favourites list still has some treasures from December, and years prior.


I Play My Bass Loud, Gina Birch

This was my first song this morning and I had to send it to my bassist. Birch actually released this record last year but given she is half of the iconic punk band, The Raincoats, she is completely timeless.


10000 Times, Big Blood

This also came out last year. It reminds me of a Punk Phil Spector inspired Girl Group and comes from a band originally founded by a married couple after the birth of their daughter. It's direct, desperate and joyous.


Default Parody, Drahla

Proof that I don’t completely live in the past, this came out a few days ago from Drahla’s forth-coming record on Captured Tracks. If you like Party Dozen and beautiful discordant yet controlled chaos, you will like Drahla.


Wall of Eyes, The Smile

I love that Thom Yorke is still writing with Greenwood and making music that still has introspection and melody, there is always an extra element or genre woven in that you’re not quite expecting. It must be good if you can get Paul Thomas Anderson to direct your video, which you must watch.


It’s So Good, Jamie XX

It’s good enough for CHANEL, it’s good enough for us. If you are reluctantly forcing yourself to exercise this month, this could keep you on the treadmill for a few more minutes, or if you want to go dancing in CHANEL because that’s a more fun alternative, good for you.


One Night/All Night, Justice and Tame Impala

An interesting collaboration that bizarrely makes a lot of sense. Much like Jamie XX, it’s a movement song.


Sniveller, The Tubs

Have you ever wondered what Richard Thompson fused with Television would sound like if they liked The Smiths? A great song about snivelling sycophants.


Spinning, Julia Holter

Julia Holter is back with her first single of her forthcoming record in March. This song is hypnotic and lures you in slowly, her voice is as heavenly as ever and we’re looking forward to the full album.


BYE BYE, Kim Gordon

To say I’m excited for Kim Gordon’s second solo record this year would be an understatement. My love for her has been going strong for about 20 years now. BYE BYE gives us a snaking bassline, a great beat, distortion, a dream shopping list and an amazing video starring her daughter, Coco.


Good Sex, Palehound

Palehounds' Eye on the Bat record came out last year, but I have been listening obsessively. The lyrics are just amazing and I have lived this song, desperately wearing corsets for people who aren’t really into you. I wish I wrote this song. Listen to this record. It will do you good.


You can listen to the full January 2024 favourites playlist on Spotify.

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