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Jacob Elordi went on SNL and here’s what went down

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We've seen Jacob Elordi play sociopathic, controlling, and (importantly) hunky characters... but funny? One man can't have everything, where would he put it? After the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, it's clear storage isn't a problem for everyone's favourite six-foot-five actor.

To cement his newly-fixed title of Hollywood heartthrob, Elordi made his SNL debut. Naturally, the writers rinsed every joke out of Saltburn. “If you saw the movie, thank you. If you saw the movie with your parents, I’m sorry,” the actor said in his monologue.

Later, a sketch entitled Crown Your Short King, casts Elordi as Jackson, a Pittsburgh dirtbag who is chucked into the finale of a reality dating show as Courtney (played by Chloe Fineman) is about to select from the remaining three squat bachelors. Courtney pivots and chooses Jackson, despite a heartfelt speech and three months spent getting to know the other contestants. Then Fineman lives out the fantasies of every Gen Z on TikTok and makes out with Elordi, climbing into his arms like he's a beanstalk and going at it like it's a sport. “Third season in a row this has happened,” the show's host (Mikey Day) says. If we were on the SNL team, we'd write a kissing session with Elordi and ourselves into the script, too.

The rest of the skits followed a similar theme: Jacob Elordi is unquantifiably hot. Hot enough that women will betray their core principles to be in his presence (at an all-women's AA meeting he is welcomed in, while other men are rejected). Hot enough that doors magically open for him (Elordi leads an acting workshop where it's revealed to his aspiring students their teacher was immediately discovered by Selena Gomez and never auditioned in his life).

During the episode Elordi was joined by Renee Rapp and Rachel McAdams, who both made plenty of Mean Girls references, while Rapp joked about her recent candid interviews while promoting the musical reboot. "I've been going absolutely off in every single interview lately so now I have to do 40 hours of court-ordered media training."

All in all, a very successful entry to the SNL season, if you count success by how thirsty X (formerly Twitter) became. Find our favourite reactions to Jacob Elordi on SNL below.






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