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Everything we know about ‘Freaky Tales’, one of Angus Cloud’s last films

freaky tales

The opening night slot of Sundance was saved for Freaky Tales, a film that's created plenty of buzz for its star power, even if the reviews are mixed so far. Most saliently, after the title premiered in frigid Park City, it closed with a moving tribute to the late Euphoria actor Angus Cloud, who died in 2023 aged only 25 years old.

“In loving memory of Angus Cloud," read the film's final title card. While Cloud's part in Freaky Tales is minor, along with the upcoming horror Abigail, it stands as one of his final roles. So what's Freaky Tales about? Find all the details, including cast, plot, release date, and trailer, below.


Told in four parts, Freaky Tales is an anthology film that pays tribute to Oakland in the 80s, drawing on classic kung-fu sequences and nostalgic needle drops to tell a story of the underdog from all cross-sections of society. In one story there's punks taking on Nazis, in another a pair of female rappers are caught in a rap battle, there's a hitman for hire turning on his bosses, and an NBA star seeking revenge against criminals who have targeted his life. As you can gather, it's ambitious.


Aside from Cloud, some of the names attached to Freaky Tales include Pedro Pascal, Normani, Ben Mendelsohn, Dominique Thorne, Jay Ellis, Jack Champion, Ji-young Yoo, and Natalia Dominguez. Meanwhile, the film comes from writing-directing duo Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden.

Release date

Although Freaky Tales premiered at Sundance on January 18, there's no release date attached to the film as of yet. Sorry pals! If you want to see Pedro Pascal as a hitman, may we suggest The Last of Us?


Likewise with the release date, we're yet to get a glimpse of the film via a trailer just yet. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates here.

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