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Instagram takeovers still exist, and when it’s Hoyeon Jung and Calvin Klein on our feeds, we’re totally here for it

Hoyeon Jung Calvin Klein

Another day, another reminder that sadly, we can't completely give ourselves over to Hoyeon Jung. It's a sad realisation; particularly when we've spent as long as we can remember completing fawning over the Korean actor and model. As long-term fans from well before her Squid Game days, we've been watching from afar as her success continues to mount; and finally, it seems like Hoyeon Jung is letting us inside her world, courtesy of the latest Calvin Klein campaign.

If you've been keeping up to date in the world of social media this week, it would have been impossible for you to miss the chaotic takeover of Calvin Klein's Instagram account thanks to none other than everyone's favourite skinny white boys, Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly. Continuing with the weeks events, Hoyeon Jung thankfully brought a much more wholesome approach to the livestream; sharing her morning routine with Calvin Klein's Instagram followers.

The question on everyone's lips of course, what does a typical morning in her life look like? Truthfully, very similar to the rest of us. Beginning the day as everyone should, Hoyeon Jung showed off her Calvin Klein best jamming out to Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself in an oversized white shirt over her CK underwear set. All she needed was a pair of socks and we would have been in full Risky Business mode.

Throughout the livestream, Hoyeon Jung didn't miss an opportunity to embrace an outfit change; sporting a red, cropped Calvin Klein hoodie as she divulged one of her biggest beauty secrets. She never blowdry's her hair. We love a girl who understands the ease of air drying.

This isn't of course the first time Hoyeon Jung has partnered with Calvin Klein. Only a couple of months ago, she starred in the second instalment of Calvin Klein and Heron Preston's collaboration; proving that she's the ultimate CK girl.

Although there's no word just yet on who else is set to be the face of the next takeover, it's clear that Hoyeon Jung won't be the last famous face we see on the Calvin Klein Instagram page. If we could have it our way, we can only hope that BLACKPINK's Jennie will be next.


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