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Want to try a new movement style but don’t know where to start? Three experts share their tips

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We all know the feeling of starting something new for the first time, especially when it comes to movement and fitness. The first class jitters, the hesitation before you head out for your first run, the uncertainty when you step onto a yoga or Pilates mat for the first time. It's not an uncommon experience, no matter how frequently you move your body, and this feeling certainly isn't made any better if you're also worrying about whether you're wearing the right footwear, or if your sports bra is supportive enough.

It's an experience that athletes – yes, even athletes – Kath Ebbs (Nike ambassador), Megan Waters (Nike Well Collective Trainer) and Zoe Klein (Nike Well Collective yoga instructor, breath work facilitator and integrative psychotherapist), understand and have felt before. So, when they recently shared their tips with RUSSH on how to start or expand your fitness routine to embrace a new style of movement, you best believe I was paying attention. Here, I'm sharing all their useful tips – from how to find a workout resource that suits you, to guidance on the best products for different fitness modalities and the importance of the five pillars of Nike Well Collective – movement, mindfulness, community, rest and nutrition – in getting the most out of your workout routine.



Find the right training resources to support you

The foundation for starting any new endeavour – especially in fitness – is to ensure that you have the right resources to support you. This could mean finding a gym, trainer or even community who are there to provide you with guidance, or even be your ultimate hype crew on your off days or when you need a little push. But sometimes, it isn't that simple. It's this exact barrier to fitness that underpins so much of what the Nike Well Collective initiative is about – finding ways to support her* in every aspect of wellbeing.

The brand has developed apps like Nike Training Club which offers over 200 sessions to support mind, body and self from traditional sports to activities like dance, yoga and walking to breathwork and recovery practices as well as expert advice. Over on the Nike Run Club app, the world-class trainers and coaches are there for you every step of the way – whether you're running your first 5km, or training for a marathon.

"I would say to anyone who is maybe a bit hesitant or resistant towards a new training style to not be afraid... Seeking out support from somewhere else definitely helps, and I know, as a personal trainer myself, it can be quite an expensive experience, and that's not accessible for everybody," shared Waters.

"There are so many apps out there and the Nike Training Club app is a prime example of somewhere where you can access incredible training, amazing advice, great technique cues and it's free and at the tip of your fingers."


Be comfortable in the clothing and footwear that you're wearing when you are moving

A big part of feeling confident when you're moving is ensuring you feel comfortable and that you're training in pieces that are there to support your chosen movement style. As someone who personally drifts between many different disciplines – running, to strength training and also Pilates – I remember how overwhelming, but also educational it was when I started to be more mindful about what I was wearing to work out in.

Nike is committed to getting this right and, in its Nike Sport Research Lab, has world-class PhDs and researchers across mind and body sciences who work with elite and everyday athletes around the world to understand women’s needs and create the best products possible for her. One of my favourite categories is their sports bra category, which focuses on three core lines – Alate, Indy and Swoosh – that are designed for different movement intensities. Even further to that, each individual line has three varying levels of support – light, medium and high – with a size range of XXS-4X and A-G cup.


"My favourite outfit to move in is always something that is really comfortable. It's so, so crucial that when I'm trying to get into my body, that I'm not distracted. That's why I love pieces like the Zenvy and Alate, because the fabric is so soft," shared Klein.

No surprise to anyone, Nike's footwear offering also pulls its weight, with an impressive set of 10 different designs and silhouettes for a variety of different movement types. A recent release – the Nike Versair – has quickly become one of my personal favourite shoes due to its versatility, a feature that Ebbs agrees with.

"Finding the right shoe is super important but it depends on your movement routine," she shared. "For me, I have a lot of variety in my routine, which is why I like the Nike Versair because it can take me from a HIIT class, to going on a long walk, to my Pilates class."


Mindfulness is equally as important as movement

My favourite tip above all, though, was in relation to mindfulness – an element that we often forget is inextricably linked to positive movement. It's common knowledge that if you're mind's not in it, it doesn't matter how much energy or desire you have to take on a new challenge, it won't happen.

As someone who is actively evolving her wellbeing practice to be more conscious of the different factors at play, Nike Well Collective's five pillar approach could not be more relevant.

"Mindfulness is yoga, and yoga is mindfulness. If you're on your yoga mat moving your body but your mind is completely elsewhere, I would question – is it really yoga?"

"The idea is to be really mindful of the inner and outer experience, to teach ourselves to be present and in the moment."


Nutrition and rest are your biggest cheerleaders

In the words of Waters, "we are human beings that are operating at the speed of light," and boy, do we feel it. Especially when we're in the process of embracing a new job, or, in this case, a new fitness adventure, you can get stuck in the habit of 'giving it your all' without making time for rest and nutrition – the two things that actually keep us going. Throw in the challenge of being time poor and your new movement adventure will lose excitement very quickly if you're not looking after your body.

"One of the biggest hurdles – and this is something that I personally struggle with as a business owner and as a busy human – is time. I think that we can so often prioritise everyone else, and everything else ahead of ourselves.

Movement doesn't have to be linear, I love variety with the way that I move my body – one day I like to go for a run, one day I like to do Pilates, somedays I prefer to walk. Listening to your body will always put you in a better place when embracing something new... don't be afraid to rest when you need to."



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