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Three athletes on how holistic fitness changed their lives

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Your alarm breaks the silence – instantly, your body freezes in a panic, the comfort that comes with a new day dissolves between the pulsating sounds echoing from the phone perched on your bedside table and the heavy quilt you try and hide under for a few seconds longer. You should probably change your alarm tone, but you've learnt that only aggressive techno melodies can jumpstart your tired body quickly enough to have you out of bed and in the gym within 30 minutes. Because a deep calorie burn and an unhealthy amount of sweating is what your body needs to feel good, right?

It's an unfortunately familiar feeling – the battle between knowing that you should, but not being sure if you can. And constantly questioning why looking after your mind and body feels so hard sometimes? Maybe unsurprisingly, a lot of the anxiety around how we connect with wellness is around how we define it. When we see movement as directly correlated to exercise, we neglect so many of the other facets of wellbeing that actually bring us joy.

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"I wish that I could tell my 10-year-old self that she deserves to move her body because it feels good. Not because she has to punish herself or feel she needs to be smaller, but because movement is a really beautiful way to connect with both the body and the mind," shared Zoe Klein – Nike Well Collective yoga instructor, breath work facilitator and integrative psychotherapist.

Alongside ambassador Kath Ebbs and Nike Well Collective Trainer Megan Waters, the trio are championing a new, community-first approach that delivers expertise, guidance and support to all athletes – because as the famous Bill Bowerman slogan goes, "if you have a body, you are an athlete." It seems simple enough, but how will Nike Well Collective actually change our relationship with holistic fitness?

Like any shift worth making, the initiative's impact is in its 360 degree approach. A commitment to all five pillars of wellness and fitness – encompassing movement, mindfulness, community, rest and nutrition – it's a reminder to ourselves that holistic fitness is just as much about how we move our body as it is about how we treat it in all the moments in-between. The Nike Training Club and the Nike Run Club app are also stepping up to meet athletes of all disciplines where they're at. The much-loved tools now allow users to engage in specific sessions for breath work and other forms of holistic wellness the same way they can find a HIIT or running workout on the app – so you'll be able to find your speed no matter what mood you're in.


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"It's things like getting enough rest, prioritising good quality sleep. Nutrition – making sure I'm nourishing my body with whole foods, and even my breath. We take somewhere near 20,000 breaths a day, but how many of those are conscious? So, carving out space, at least once a day to just breathe, but breathe with intention..." shared Waters.

As someone who has fallen victim more times than I would like to admit to the cycle of unpleasant and (unfathomably early) alarms and 'rules' throughout my own journey with wellness, it's refreshing to hear Ebbs share that their own relationship with being an athlete has followed a similar evolution. "At the beginning of my journey, it was very rigid and very much about rules and doing certain things... It has evolved to a more holistic idea of what it means to be an athlete."

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"Now, movement brings me joy in my every day life because it's literally how I start my day. I have a certain playlist that I put on, and I just boogie around the house."

There are many qualities that unite Klein, Waters and Ebbs, but without a doubt, their strongest thread is their connection with others. It's no secret that forming meaningful relationships as an adult (or at any time in your life, for that matter) can be daunting, but with community at the forefront, they've each found ways to bring new meaning and purpose to holistic fitness.

Left: Nike Classic Puffer Gilet, Nike Swoosh Bra, Nike Sportswear Phoenix Fleece Wide-Leg Sweatpant, Nike V2k Shoes and Nike Socks. Right: Kath wears Nike Classic Puffer Gilet and Nike Swoosh Bra. Megan wears Nike Quilted Trench.


"As a very passionate First Nations woman, community to me means everything. Something that I'm really proud of within our community at Air Locker which is the gym that I co-own is that we offer a Mob membership..." shared Waters. "Working in the fitness industry, I've often felt like the only First Nations person in the room, so it brings me so much joy when I go into the gym now and see the diverse community of people within our studio."

For Klein, so much of her wellbeing journey has been about finding spaces and people that align with her own values and interests. "Seeking out like-minded crew who enjoy doing what I do has been so crucial to how I've cultivated connection and community through my wellness practices."

"And a great example of that has actually been through Nike Well Collective. I've had the privilege of meeting so many amazing people who are so aligned with what I care about, and now we're mates. Like Megzy and Kath – I feel so grateful actually."

From left: Kath wears Nike Sportswear Phoenix Fleece Wide-Leg Sweatpant, Nike V2k Shoes. Zoe wears Nike Zenvy Flared Legging and Nike TC7900 shoes. Megan wears Nike High Rise Track Pant and Nike Zoom Vomero 5.


You can watch the full interviews from the How You Move series on the RUSSH Instagram account, now. And if you're wanting to explore your holistic fitness journey on a deeper level, follow @nikewellcollective on Instagram for more wellness guidance, expertise and tips.


Feature image: Kath wears Nike Classic Puffer Gilet, Nike Swoosh Bra and Nike Sportswear Phoenix Fleece Wide-Leg Sweatpant. Zoe wears Nike One Jumper, Nike Indy Bra and Nike Zenvy Flared Legging. Megan wears Nike Quilted Trench, Nike Swoosh Bra and Nike High Rise Track Pant.

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