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These are the best tequila brands to spice up any cocktail gathering

Tequila is a town in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. It is also the main export for the drink of the same name, crafting agave nectar'd ambrosia for the masses since the 1800s. What is it about tequila that simply gets us where we need to be? Its fresh, snappy, and a hell of a waker-upper for any variety of cocktails.

There's a lot to yarn about: Tequila sunrises, a spicy marg, a paloma, or if you're a bit unscrewed like myself, a Long Island Iced Tea with soda water - hold the coke. Don't knock it until you try it. Which makes the matter of quality in tequila all the more vital - you can't skimp on grade when that's all you'll be tasting. For quality control purposes, we've combed through the best of the best for you to replenish your alcoholic wares with. But forewarned is forearmed: you might be hightailing back for more.


What are the three types of tequila?

Anejo - the most expensive tequila offering. Dry aged to a minimum of three years, it retains a smooth, velveteen consistency which makes it an ideal offering to have neat or sipped on the rocks.

Blanco - rested, as opposed to aged. This tequila is best mixed into a margarita and recognisable by its silvery, almost clear consistency and hue.

Reposado - a mixture of the other two, Reposado is the people's choice for an in-between taste. It's aged from 2-12 months with a subtle-clean aftertaste. This is the perfect liquor for layering and any of your more creative concoctions.


What is considered the best tequila?

Like any type of alcohol, the answer to this question will definitely depend on your personal preference and what you're using the tequila for – is it being added into your margarita, or are you planning to drink it on the rocks? However, there are a few brands that universally get quite a good wrap, namely, Don Julio and the Patrón varietals.


Patrón Silver Tequila

Patron silver is featherlight, and 100% Weber Blue Agave. A fruity undernote is layered with white pepper for a smooth, tingly finish. This is your pick for crafting a classic marg.


Calle 23 Blanco

Calle 23's range of 100% agave tequilas is made with blue agave sourced from Los Altos de Jalisco. The nose recalls citrus, herbs, cooked agave with a palate of sharp green apples. Pears are the last thing you taste in this Calle 23 Blanco.


818 Anejo Tequila

Who can forget one of the first Jenner brand concoctions of her time? When 818 sprung onto the scene, conspiracy theories leading all trails back to Kendall were inescapable. So the stuff has to be good. And to Dan Murphy's reviewers, it is. 4/5 stars good. With a core focus on sustainable distillery practices, 818 seems to walk the tightrope of intention and taste. We'll drink to that.

Casamigos Reposado Tequila

This isn't the tequila you're knocking back in certain establishments of adolescent past. Casamigos Tequila is aged for 7 months before its ready at first sip. With a smoky caramel flavouring, this is the perfect liquor for a coconut flavoured margarita.


1942 Añejo Tequila 

Crafted Añejo style, this Tequila is made from high-grade piñas, double distilled and aged for 24-30 months. There's an aromatic mix of caramel and toffee with hints of cherry flecked throughout. This one's good enough to go on its own.


Don Julio Blanco Tequila



With peals of fruitiness peeking through and a crisp aftertaste, tequila blanco and raw agave are a good melding for the more sensitive palate.



Vivir Blanco is perfect for any floral-infusion cocktails. Add a splash for any tonic based tequila drinks.

Volando For the Moment Tequila


Not for the faint of heart.


Four times distilled. Won a bevy of awards. 100% Weber Blue Agave. There's really not much else to say.


Mijente Tequila Blanco 

7-9 year old agave plants are harvested for this special brew. Aged for twenty months and then some, the 30-30 Reserva Especial is the one to bring out for special occasions. It packs a spicy vanilla punch - perfect for any winter warmers.


Los Azulejos Reposado Tequila

And now to close with a kicker: this beauty is produced with fully matured agave from 50% Highlands and 50% Lowlands of Jalisco. The concoction is slow-roasted in brick ovens before being slow-fermented, and extracted by roller press. The resulting liquid is double distilled before ageing in Bourbon barrels for 6 months and is additive free. Not to mention, each bottle is a work of resplendent art in its own right. Consider us sold.


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