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Four winter soup recipes to soothe your soul


Sadly, summer is behind us, and we can only spend the next four months dreaming of prawn butties and mango trays instead of eating them. Personally, winter food depresses me to no end. While I'm all for heartiness, I never want to eat something hearty if it means I'm hunched over a steaming bowl for warmth and pray it somehow reaches my toes. I'd rather just eat something hearty in the sunshine and sidestep any risk of being cold.

Drama aside and reality regrettably front of mind, it's getting cold, and the hunching is inevitably a part of my future. For me, there is no better dish than soup in these circumstances. Warm, easy, usually extremely cheap, and suitable to eat for days on end should you have enough leftovers. Below, we're rounding up our favourite soup recipes this season.


Tofu and Kimchi Stew

A comforting fave. This stew/soup hybrid comes together very quickly and is comprised of little technique and even fewer ingredients. For a brothy, spicy, funky time, you'll want to have this one memorised for those late nights when cooking is not a desirable option.


Tomato Parmesan Soup


For the nights when you want to feel like an 80-year-old man who lives in Connecticut, enter tomato soup. This version is creamy and luxurious without all of the weird cream additions and gets its body from simmering with parmesan rind. Pair with a mandatory grilled cheese or parmesan toast if you want to stay on-theme and feel the wholesomeness wash over you.


French Onion Soup


We may be a long way from Balthazaar, but don't doubt your ability to indulge in rich french onion soup from home. In this Bon Appetit vegan version, few ingredients but a bit of patience is required to make this deeply savoury situation come to life. If you aren't bothered by the vegan bit, don't deny yourself the cheese toast.


Chicken Broth and Polenta Dumplings


When in an especially wholesome mood, turn your attention towards Laila Gohar's chicken broth and polenta dumpling recipe, where a whole chicken is simmered with scraps from the fridge and emerges as a soothing bowl of everything you want from soup.