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How to hide a bad nights sleep


Whether you've done it to yourself via a night out or simply couldn't shut off the old brain past bedtime, there is nothing quite like combatting a night where sleep hasn't come easy. Concealer can only really do half the leg work when there are other things like water retention, dullness, and redness at play, and often times, our faces need a little more leg work to get things back to looking at least moderate. Below, are a few ways to sort out a classic case of tired-face.

Start with a massage

If you're lacking sleep, it's likely you're also lacking time. We love This Works Morning Expert Vitamin C Power Mask for it's low-maintenance, all-rounder results. This balmy mask only needs to be on for one minute and contains water-activated vitamin C granules to get the party started. Start your anti-tired routine by massaging this upward and outward on the skin for the required minute. This will help to hydrate, soften, brighten, and the massage will help to drain some of the fluid out of your face, reducing puffiness.

Cool it down

Wake up your literal brain and face by turning to the freezer for a humble cube of ice. Cost-effective and always on hand, ice works wonders to bring some much-needed blood flow into the face and make things feel tighter. Take the whole scenario a step further by keeping a jade Gua Sha tool in the freezer, and once done with your ice, use the Gua Sha to further encourage fluid away from those under eyes.

Hydrate and repeat

A big contributor to tired face (especially those with a hangover, obviously) is lack of hydration, which needs to be dealt with from within as well as externally, so get that tap cranking. If you are tired and have dehydrated skin, putting concealer over-top is going to do little good. For internal hydration that goes beyond a glass of water, we love Imbibe Beauty Renewal, which is both good for gut and skin health and is a pleasure to chug. For external hydration, look to some hydrating eye patches which you can apply under a large pair of sunglasses while you commute if you are game. TheseĀ  Biologique Recherche Patch Defatigant ones are our favourite. Keep in the fridge for extra points.


Image: @parfemme