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The beauty treatments we’re excited for post-lockdown

After being confined to our homes for three months and urged to get creative with maintaining our usual beauty practices, it’s safe to say we all likely need a good massage after WFH for this long. While there are certainly bigger things to think about then when you’ll be able to get your next wax, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to. Here, the RUSSH editors discuss where we are most excited to visit now that restrictions have eased.


Ella Jane

Production Coordinator

While there are many things that could probably do with tending to in the maintenance region, I’ll happily put all ‘necessities’ on the back burner for a trip to Venustus, Paddington. Behind the glass doors on oxford street is owner Jeannie Bourke, one of the warmest women you’ll meet who happens to give hugs almost as good as the treatments themselves. My treatment of choice will always be the Om Massage for full-body relaxation after being relegated to my dining room chairs for three months, or the Lymphatic Facial, to get stagnant lymph nodes working again. All treatments at Venustus are experiences with the highest level of care and thought put into them, and I can hardly wait to be back on that pillowy, heated bed again.


Ellen Presbury

Market & Beauty Editor

I am most looking forward to getting a facial. From Onda Beauty that is. Perhaps it is because any form of touch and massage is welcome but also because Onda just do it so well. Their products are in my top shelf anyway so getting a facial with them is my favourite kind of treat. I’ll usually opt for one that includes copious amount of massage - the signature facial or the newest facial fitness.


Gabriela Hidalgo

Brand & Art Director

In the early days of lockdown upon some reflection, I was relieved to be far past my lash and hair extension phase, leaving only what would soon be hanging by a thread (aside from the world) - my SNS manicure. If you know, you know. Grown out nails goes against everything I stand for, but there I was coming face to face with my pre-iso decisions, watching day by day as they grew past the point of comfort. Truthfully, this experience made me realise I never need an SNS manicure ever again. Those days are now behind me. A massage on the other hand, that I was in desperate need for the entire time and so I will try one of the lush treatment options offered at The Calmm. Bribing housemates or friends to tread on your back and get those knots probably isn’t the safest and most importantly, isn’t effective. The true test of a great massage is walking out not knowing your name or what year it is. I miss that feeling.


Natalie Petrevski

Fashion Editor

A facial as a massage? Keep talking. I’ve had a Zen Facial by legendary Fumi Yamamoto just once before, but I’ve never stopped thinking about it. A deep rejuvenation treatment is the one. Perfect for someone like me who carries so much tension in my head, neck and shoulders. Fumi also provides an amazing jaw release, I being the annoying person again who clenches and grinds way too much. This is quite the amazing experience to reset and recentre, not to mention post facial my neck, face and jaw line had never looked better. You’d do well to book an event for the next day.


Mia Steiber

Digital Content Director


I want a lash lift. My eyelashes are straighter than straight, and as someone that doesn’t like to wear makeup, a lash lift helps open up my eyes without mascara. The one I had about two weeks before beauty salons closed was less than ideal. The new salon I decided to try did a disastrous job. I ended up getting them fixed by a different salon, who were kind enough to repair some of the damage done. But all in all, this wasn’t exactly a great last beauty experience before lockdown.

So, I am definitely looking forward to being able to visit a salon - a new one, not the horrid one that ruined my lashes - and get pampered again. I plan on trying Fuzz in Narrabeen, the angels that fixed my almost unsalvageable lashes and I’ve also heard great things about G&T Beauty in Mona Vale.


Megan Nolan

Digital Operations Manager

There are two things I’m looking forward to more than anything - getting my eyebrows done and getting a very decadent full body massage. I may even splurge for a full 90 minutes. Whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed being in PJ’s, working from home without a desk has definitely taken a toll on my body. No matter how much YouTube pilates I do or how many long baths I have I just can’t seem to feel fully relaxed. As someone who gets a massage at least once a month anyway I am well overdue.