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Trouble Sleeping? These 6 sleep apps have helped us


Trouble nodding off? Us too. With the weight of the current global state sitting heavy on our shoulders/minds, it’s no wonder descending into slumber might feel like a challenge today and every day. It’s a good thing there are so many resources for people who battle mild insomnia these days, with tea, supplements, medication and smartphone functions, getting to sleep is easier than ever…right? Probably wrong, since we all need them more, which is why we’re rounding up our favourite apps to help you drop off that little bit sooner.



If not singularly for Stephen Fry’s lavender fields story (if you know, you know). Calm offers an array of sleepy stories narrated by a huge variety of celebrities and authors. Aside from this, they also offer sleep sounds of rain, forest scapes, seaside scenarios and more, but what we find particularly unique is having the ability to summon Matthew McConaughey to read a bedtime story.



Not exclusively a sleep app but good at calming one down nonetheless, this popular meditation app can have your mind settling down in minutes. Themed meditation courses are at the ready to alleviate sleeplessness and stress, they even have a function called ‘sleep casts’ which are 45 minute long audio experiences that help you to visualize calming scenarios.


Sleep Cycle

If you are having trouble waking up as well as nodding off, Sleep Cycle might be the one for you. An app designed to track your sleep quality, Sleep Cycle records you as you sleep to measure things like how deep you sleep, whether or not you snore, how many times you wake up, and will use this data to gently wake you up in the morning in a moment where you are sleeping the lightest, so you can emerge from slumber feeling refreshed and prepared for the day.



A unique app that allows you to create a personalized sound environment for maximum relaxation or focus. Combine sounds out of the 28 available and adjust the volume to customize your combinations further. Noisli is perfect for studying, working in office or at home, winding down at the end of the day or even travelling.


10% Happier

10% Happier offers a huge range of meditations for sleep. Whether you have 5 minutes or 35 minutes, they have an option for you to get you drifting off peacefully, they even offer courses on meditation to get you in the groove of things and have coached available for support should you need the extra help.


Relax Melodies

Relax melodies is a free app that allows you to combine sounds and songs for easy listening and relaxation. They also have bedtimes stories available for those who do better with spoken methods and offer meditation and relaxation tips and techniques in the app for maximum functionality.