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Holidays for the horoscope: The best travel destinations based on your star sign

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The summer is rolling on in, which means one thing: holiday time! You've finished up for the year, packed up your laptop and are ready to hit the road! If you haven't decided where to go yet, how about consulting with your astrological spirit guide? We've worked it all out for you so you can choose the perfect holiday destination for your star sign.

This could be extremely helpful if you're planning to travel with a friend whose sign may or may not align with your sign's travelling style. You might think that your Gemini bestie would like to join you on a tranquil journey to Serifos, Greece. But you could be wrong.

So ahead of your next trip, make sure you get it right. Check-in with the stars to make sure where you're going is the best holiday for your horoscope. Bon voyage!


Aries: the wayfarer

holiday for your horoscope

Image by: Spencer Davis


Where to go: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Energetic Aries need some variety on their trips as they get easily excited but also need some tranquillity. A visit to somewhere with lots of variety should do the trick! A combination of beach and city like Dubrovnik should entertain the fiery Aries. This way they can feel like they're getting the best of both worlds.

Taurus: the planner

holiday for your horoscope

Image by: Tyler Lastovich


Where to go: Hooker Valley, New Zealand

The Taurus is relatively rigid in their holiday planning and finds it difficult to get out of their routine for long enough to even go on said holiday. However, there are destinations that will get this earth sign up and going. For a Taurus, we suggest somewhere with nature options, like the mountainous range of Hooker Valley in New Zealand

Gemini: the socialite

holiday for your horoscope

Image by: Unsplash


Where to go: Goa, India.

Geminis are the social signs. They need to go somewhere they can get mingling and stimulate that party girl energy. Take them to Goa, where the beach huts, full moon parties and beach living will have them sharing their life stories with strangers in no time


Cancer: the dreamer

holiday for your horoscope

Image by: Despina Galani


Where to go: Serifos, Greece

The introverted and dreamy cancer craves somewhere creative, intuitive and calm to relax and rejuvenate during their holiday. They love tranquil environments like beaches to culminate. Their ideal holiday would be Serifos, Greece, where the water is warm and so are the people. 


Leo: the lover

holiday for your horoscope

Image by: Unsplash


Where to go: Paris, France

Leos are a little extra, relishing over-the-top vibe for their holiday of choice. Their love for beauty calls for regal and exquisite destinations so where better than the most beautiful city in the world, Paris?

Virgo: the soloist

holiday for your horoscope

Image by: Marco Meyer


Where to go: Wengen, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Virgos are notorious perfectionists and need a lot of space and privacy on their holidays, preferring a solo mission where the environment is just so. They are the types that need to plan their holidays meticulously beforehand. That's why they would love a destination like Wengen, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. It has hiking and gorgeous views. The architecture is captivating and all is well.

Libra: the aesthete

holiday for your horoscope

Image by: Unsplash


Where to go: Santorini, Greece

As a cardinal air sign, Libras are drawn to the world of beauty and art. This is their driving force, and guiding light. They need inspiring landscapes to move them. This is why somewhere like Santorini, Greece is the perfect destination for the Libra traveller. Beauty beyond belief is awaiting these lucky Librans.

Scorpio: the sensationalist

holiday for your horoscope

Image by: Peter Thomas


Where to go: The Himalayas, Nepal

Scorpians get inspired by being in the presence of something greater than themselves. Standing in vast environments that overwhelm the senses has a grounding effect on this sign. They aren't the signs to rest on their laurels. They like to get explorative when they travel. They prefer places where they can get off the beaten path and 'feel' whether visual sensation, bodily, or olfactory. This is why going somewhere like the Himalayas in Nepal would leave them feeling enriched and inspired.


Sagittarius: the explorer

holiday for your horrorscope
Image by: Unsplash


Where to go: Beijing, China

Sagittarius are well-worn travellers. This is what gets them excited about life. They are independent, adventurous and inspired. They love the great outdoors, good food and extraordinary adventures. They want to be wowed, which is why Beijing, China would be the perfect destination for these industrious signs.


Capricorn: the achiever


Image by: Marc Schadegg


Where to go: Majorca, Spain

Capricorns work hard and want their holidays to be the time when they can really let loose. They like gorgeous accommodations and exquisite landscapes. The small but gorgeous town of Majorca would be the perfect place for the organised Capricorn to kick back and sip on a glass of Vino de la Tierra. Bonus points if there's no reception, forcing these overachievers to relinquish the possibility of working (which they likely will do anyway).


Aquarius: the intellectual

Image by: Constantinos Kollias


Where to go: Athens, Greece

This is a sign of questioning and innovation. They love their holidays to be mentally stimulating so they can learn something new on their journey. They're intrigued by the lives of others, spirituality and inventiveness so would love to go somewhere with a rich culture and history where they can educate themselves about new places and spaces. Athens with its fascinating historical context is sure to get the cogs turning.


Pisces: the floater


Image by: Christian Joudrey


Where to go: Kihei, Hawaii

Pisceans are deep sensitive dreamy beings. They value gorgeous landscapes and nature. The beautiful beaches of  Kihei, Hawaii with its waves, tradition and incredible food would be just the ticket for this water sign to daydream the day away.


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