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Here’s what Spotify listening personality you are based on your star sign

spotify listening personality

In case you didn't register the fact from all the cutesy graphs cropping up on your Instagram Stories, Spotify has just released its annual Wrapped data. Which explains why all the twinks on your feed are screaming about Charli XCX making it on their most-listened list for the third year in a row.

Unlike the presence of Charli XCX, there is a new addition to the 2022 Wrapped roll out; Spotify has released listening personalities to feed into our narcissistic tendencies. The idea is that listening personalities capture your approach to digesting music; are you someone who listens to the same artists over and over again? Or are you always on the hunt for newness? In any case, I'm sure you haven't hesitated to find out.

You'd think astrology and music would go together like hair dryers in the bathtub, but we're here to prove otherwise. Or at least, we're here to amp up the fun. Because what bit of data wasn't improved by the added layer of horoscopes? So without further ado, below find the listening personality you are based on your star sign. It's all strictly scientific, I swear.

Capricorn: The Top Charter

Who has time for hours of listening and exploring when you're busy teaching your friends about filing their taxes and fulfilling their ambitions? The way you see it, music that's topping the charts is there for a reason. Like yourself, it's the most successful of the bunch, and clearly knows its way around climbing the (corporate) ladder.


Aquarius: The Early Adopter

As the sign who (probably) coined the phrase, "I knew them before they were cool", this listening personality has Aquarius written all over it. You're progressive, almost painfully so, and always have your finger on the pulse, whether that's music, fashion, attitudes or art. Good for you.


Pisces: The Nomad

Unlike most people, when Pisces put the title "empath" in their social media bios, it's not completely untrue. You have an innate ability to relate to people from all walks of life, with a knack for absorbing energies – the good and bad. And when it's good, like a particularly resonant song, it has the power to stick with you forever.


Aries: The Adventurer

As an Aries, you're all about action. You're not here to blindly take recommendations from others, rather your music tastes are driven by your instincts. When others are feeling Doja Cat, you're reaching beyond for the freshest, newest and most addictive sounds. Godspeed.


Taurus: The Specialist

Similarly to Cancerians, Taurean folk will happily stick to their comfort zones in the pursuit of control. That stubbornness can mean it takes a bit of persuasion to introduce newness, and in this case fresh sounds, into the lives of a Taurean. But the most growth and learning comes from opening yourself up to new artists, and once you're onboard, you're here for an eternity.


Gemini: The Maverick

Geminis are innately curious people, whether that be learning new perspectives or gathering gossip. You're stimulated by new ideas and, in this case music, and are willing to pursue them at the cost of isolating yourself from others. While they indulge in the top 40, it's alternative genres you seek. A happy place. Where's our invite?


Cancer: The Replayer

Ok, don't get me wrong, Cancerians do venture out and find new music. But as emotional people, you tend to reach for the artists and songs that affirm a particular feeling and you'll play it on loop. It's all about comfort and the safety found in what you know. For this reason your Spotify Wrapped probably looked a lot like it did last year.


Leo: The Jukeboxer

Energetic, expressive, Leos are put on this earth to be their truest most authentic self, even if that means blasting ABBA alongside the latest tracks from SZA. You've got a lot of love to go around, and you're determined that everyone in this godforsaken room should be present for it. Ego? More like unabashed confidence, baby.


Virgo: The Enthusiast

I would hazard a guess and say Taylor Swift fans are majority Virgos. I mention this because if you want a fan base that gets things done, like say for example, taking Ticketmaster to task, it's the organised and determined Virgos you want in your court. They make for the best super fans and you can always rely on them to go above and beyond for the cause.


Libra: The Connoisseur

Libras make the best DJs. They have this ability to spin songs that appeal to all sides due to their desire for harmony. Plus they have a profound understanding of aesthetics, which makes it easy to please anyway. The most palatable of all the listening personality types.


Scorpio: The Devotee

It takes a hot minute for Scorpios to warm up to you. But once you're in the circle of trust, you can count on the fact that Scorpios will remain fiercely loyal. The same rule applies to music. When you're in, you give 100% of yourself to the cause. Learning every lyric, melody, and history tidbit to boot, and listening to the same artist or album on loop.


Sagittarius: The Voyager

When it comes to music, Sagittarius expand their world through different sounds. Exploration is essential in your listening habits. In the same way you've been to every continent, you likely pride yourself on listening to the corresponding music too.

Learn more about your listening personality at the Spotify website.

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