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‘Heartbreak High’ is actually a fashion series and here is your evidence

heartbreak high outfits

We knew the Netflix Heartbreak High reboot would satisfy us with its homegrown drama, but what we didn't expect was for the series to feed us fashion-wise. As Chloé Hayden told RUSSH"there is not a single bad style on this show". From Ca$h the lad and his Nike TNs to Darren in piles of skimpy Dion Lee to Amerie's tartan shoulder bag and mini dresses to Sasha's love of Dyspnea and basically anything Michelle Li would wear. These chaotic teens have wardrobes that could rival those on Euphoria, which is a refreshing change of pace when it comes to Australian TV.

So if you're yet to be sucked into the whirlwind of Heartbreak High, we're bringing you a taste of the best outfits from the series. Find our favourite fashion moments below.

We love a Cuban shirt, especially when paired with a Bonds singlet on dreamboat Dusty.


Amerie is styled in a 90s-inspired Fila mini dress and windbreaker while Quinni has her Fitbit in place and a puffball blouse to dream of.


We love Missy's sport-forward wardrobe, always embellished with a classic hoop. At this point, Harper's silver chain necklace is its own character.


Darren spotted in Dion Lee again, accessorised with a lime green durag and speed dealers for a local touch.


heartbreak high outfits

Can we just say, these beaded necklaces are damn cute. That and Quinni's makeup is the most joyful.


heartbreak high outfits

Ant wears Passport while Darren nods to skate culture with the shoelace-belt situation.


heartbreak high outfits

Spider's wardrobe makes up for his hairy politics and overall annoying behaviour. Not to be confused with Bryn Chapman-Parish, who is an angel. Ant is repping Dune Rats with their band merch while Dusty is partial to the always sold out New Balance 550s.


Love at first sight, not the cliché but the Kylie Minogue song. Darren is the style star of Heartbreak High, and while you can't see it here, we loved their thong moment. Quinni's platform Crocs are cute too.


Amerie in her signature crop and pant combo. These ones are from Ragged Priest. Meanwhile, Darren is serving in a Dion Lee corset T-shirt, leather tennis skirt and combat boots.


heartbreak high outfits

Three icons wearing their sparkly best to the Sleigh Ball. We've got to say also, Darren was robbed.


heartbreak high outfits

Amerie has taxed Harper's boots and Sasha is wearing Dyspnea to Mardi Gras.


heartbreak high outfits

Ca$h in his signature polo and Ant wearing Nike Dunks and a white tee from Butter Goods.

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