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Pack your bags! Qantas and Hawaiian Airlines are teasing international flights as soon as mid December

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Some of us never thought we'd see the day, but as the nation creeps close and closer to our target of 70% double-dose vaccination, international travel is starting to look more possible by the minute, and with Hawaiian Airlines recently announcing that they would be starting up flights again in Brisbane and Sydney as early as mid-December, things have the potential to get very White Lotus.


Hawaiian Airlines' international travel plans

This week, Hawaiian Airlines announced that it will be resuming flights to Sydney and Brisbane from December 15, under the circumstances that the international flight restrictions are eased as have been teased by the Australian Government.

“We keep our published schedule available for sale further out but we constantly adjust it based on the likelihood of our ability to serve the market,” a spokesperson for Hawaiian Airlines told Executive Traveller.“This has been true throughout the pandemic as conditions evolve in each of our markets. We look forward to returning to Australia soon but don’t have a definitive date to announce.”

So essentially, with the benchmark of December 15 in place, we could be looking at a holiday in Maui as early as New Years Eve, if that's your style.


Qantas' international travel plans

For those who are hanging out for other international destinations, Qantas has a treat for you, with its announcement that it intends to resume international flights on a proposed date of December 20, provided Scott Morrison doesn't make more mistakes when managing the pandemic. “It’s obviously up to government exactly how and when our international borders re-open,” said Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce in a statement. “The government agrees with our broad assumptions, and agree that our plan is reasonable.”

For the fully vaccinated that wish to travel, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Qantas plans to open the following flight paths, first: Sydney-London (December 18), Sydney-Vancouver (December 18), Sydney - Los Angeles (December 18), Sydney - Singapore (December 18), Sydney - Fiji (December 19), Sydney - Honolulu (December 19), Sydney - Tokyo (December 19).


In conclusion, ready the suitcases, because if all goes to plan we may be sky high sooner than we thought.


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