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Harry Styles’ Pleasing brand releases first clothing collection (and it looks exactly like what he’d wear on tour)

Harry Styles presents new 'Pleasing' collection, and it looks exactly like what he'd wear on tour

Harry Styles is known for a great deal of things. From his earliest days as frontman and sweetheart of One Direction (ever heard of it?) to appearing on-screen to founding The Pleasing Company, he's certainly had his hands full. The beauty and apparel label launched in November 2021 with a nail-art inspired debut, and since then, Styles has gone on to include ribbed loungewear, nail polish and fragrance in his brand drops.

It was only a matter of time before a proper clothing launch commenced. And there is no time like the present.

Following a ribbed loungewear set, Pleasing has just debuted their first ready-to-wear apparel line. In characteristic Harry Styles style, (which we've covered extensively)  the collection is a mishmash of comfort and light confection-coloured hues. We can see Styles himself lounging around in trailers, strumming a guitar, or rifling through a dog-eared copy of In Watermelon Sugar in any of these pieces. This is precisely what we want to see. Below, we take you through how to get your hands on your own pieces. Don't fret: we'll race you to the shopping cart.


What does the collection include?

Titled 'Wet, Hot, Pleasing Summer', the line is an array of tote bags, caps, and co-ord baby tees and shorts. In customary Styles fashion, his line of clothes are emblazoned with bold, squiggly prints and adorable heart and sun motifs.

There's also a rainbow ray set which we for one cannot wait to get our hands on. Just in time for summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the line-up also includes self-named 'boat totes', which would only be appropriate inclusions for our Euro Summer sojourns.


Where can I shop the collection? 

You can scope out the whole line-up on the Pleasing website.

Right now, Pleasing ships to 3 out of 8 Australian territories, so make sure your place of residence is included.


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