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The ‘RUSSH’ editors share their essentials for European summer

The sun is out, birds are chirping and you're awaiting a refill of your favourite cocktail while reading the first chapter of the book you picked up at the airport. Well, this will be the reality for the Europe-bound RUSSH team who will make their way North over the next few months. Are you thinking about making the trip? Or are you just keen to peek into our suitcases? Don't mind the mess, but here is what the RUSSH editors are packing for European summer in 2024.


Cassandra Dimitroff

Production Editor

European Summer packing list

In fact, I will be heading to Europe in September this year (not summer). But I’m sure the sentiment still counts. Generally speaking, I’m a light packer and don’t buy much before a trip (I’d rather purchase special finds along the way). But, there are a few essentials that I won’t be leaving Sydney without. The first is my July Luggage, which is equal parts functional and beautiful (and comes in so many beautiful colourways). Beauty-wise, my kit is pared-back – I’ll probably be taking my Emma Lewisham Essentials Mini Kit and my cult-fave Glossier Balm Dotcom (especially now that it’s gone back to its original formulation). I’m never without a book on trips too, so I’ll be picking up a couple paperbacks to keep me fed in transit (like Tommy Orange’s There, There and Yukio Mishima’s The Sound of Waves). 


Phoebe Holden


European Summer packing list

For someone who wears essentially the same thing, every day, all year round I am terrible at packing. I take enough underwear to last a life time, silly shoes that never leave my case and a series of dresses to keep them company. T-shirts, dress shirts and pants are my rinse and repeat staples so this year they are the focus. Leather Birkenstock’s are a must as well as a good pair of sneakers, I spent Christmas in Paris recently (pâmoison!) and these Asics were a godsend. I have this simple but beautiful shirt from Harris Tapper that comes with me everywhere, so do my sunglasses. My Mason Pearson rides shot gun in my carry on alongside a good book, the Sans [ceuticals] Absolute Collection and Glossier’s mini Milky Jelly Cleanser. I like to pack a clean t-shirt, socks and underwear to change into before my flight lands, Lonely and Videris make my favourite undies and I head to Muji for socks, t-shirts and any other little bits and pieces I might need. 


Samantha Corry

Assistant to Editor in Chief

European Summer packing list

I have pretty sensitive eyes, so a must have on an European holiday is sunglasses. I recently purchased these Prada ones, and I am in love- so they will be the first thing that I pack and probably glue to my head. As I love to journal/scrapbook momentos, even in the everyday life, I will definitely be doing that on a trip. Leuchtturm1917 are the best quality notebooks for journaling- I’ve tested a lot so trust me. And of course, I am bringing sunscreen on this trip. My favourite at the moment is Outside Beauty & Skincare’s Primer Zinc, it’s 50+, gives a really nice amount of tint, and Zinc is better then sunscreen for the environment, so it’s a win win! They also have a lip and cheek tinted sunscreen which is perfect for protection and a bit of roseying up. And to put all of my essentials in, of course it will be my Loewe Mini Flamenco bag.


Emily Algar

Beauty Editor

European Summer packing list

I’m heading to Italy and Spain on a belated honeymoon this summer and couldn’t be more excited. Realistically I’ll probably live in denim shorts, a black swimsuit and Havianas, but that doesn’t mean I’m not shopping for looks. Really, really vying for the Link leather sandals by The Row, a bottle green Fella swimsuit and this heavenly skirt from Esse via Net-A-Porter. I’ve become obsessed with cotton poplin pants too — this pair by Matteau is my preferred cut and thickness. Beauty-wise, I love the idea of a holiday scent. It’s like a little time capsule when you return home. I think Tom Ford Myrrhe is the one: woody, resinous and just a bit of vanilla for good measure. *Into the suitcase it goes*


Mia Steiber

Digital Strategy Director & Associate Publisher

Euro summer essentials

I’m taking a three-week sojourn through Croatia and then to the South of France this July and I can’t wait. While I’m in France, I’m going to catch three of the Matilda’s games at the Olympics. The excitement is palpable.

I am a Virgo, so yes, I have started a wardrobe spreadsheet. It’s just the most efficient way to pack. I tend to bring matching sets when I travel, as you can very easily mix and match but also wear together for a polished look. I love this sexy red set from Isabelle Quinn. I also tend to do a Faithfull haul before I go on a trip, it’s my favourite brand for vacation wear. This year I’ll be grabbing the Baia Maxi Dress in white, the Baia Top in black and these oat-toned pants to pair with the matching top I already have.

Then, finding the right pair of sandals is so important. A trip can be so easily ruined by bad blisters. A. Emery shoes I find are always kind to my feet, so I’ll be grabbing this tan pair which will go with everything. They’ll match well with the Helen Kaminski basket bag I already have.

Makeup-wise, I like to keep it simple. I was gifted this Clarins mascara but I love it so much that I’ll buy another fresh one to take with me. I switch to a tint over a cream blush in sweaty weather so my Benetint is coming for the ride. Ultra Violette’s Clean Screen is an essential for me. I’m super prone photo-ruining breakouts, but this formula keeps my skin very happy. I’ve been buying it for four or five years now. Then I bring a concealer in lieu of a foundation, I’m still loving my beat up Nude Sticks Nudefix which is one of the only products that doesn’t crease or crinkle on my oily skin.


Elyssa Kostopoulos

Content Director

This year I had to make a tough decision – attempt to enter the property market or go on a European travel adventure. Unfortunately, I made a sensible decision and will be staying put this year, but there’s nothing to stop me from dreaming about the inside of my suitcase. If I had the chance to get away, it would certainly be a one stop trip. Destination – Greece – because what I truly need from a European getaway is to sit by the beach all day and spend $100 on coffee. Sightseeing? No thanks.

As such, I will be packing accordingly. Last year, when I did get away, I mentioned that I would be packing the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Ultra Violette's Supreme Screen Hydrating Facial SKINSCREEN SPF50+, and after testing them on my month-long adventure, they’ve become part of my travel essentials. A new favourite is the MAC Cosmetics powder blush in Burnt Pepper. It’s not a new product, but is new to me and feels like a blend of bronzer and blush that would enhance the Mediterranean glow.

Onto the fun stuff, I have been eyeing the Bottega Veneta Sardine bag for some time now, and the raffia crochet iteration might actually see me bite the bullet and make a purchase. I can also see myself sauntering around Milos in this perfect Christopher Esber draped, beaded mini dress, and adding these very fun Gianvito Rossi heels before heading to the bar.


Karen Leong

Digital Writer

Euro Summer essentialsThis year I’ll be abstaining from the European Summer, a fact that leaves me quite bereft. But I’ll still be dressing the part. To pass in any airport terminal, a sweatshirt with an irreverent nod to any summer’s past, this blue piece from Em on Holiday is a classic I love to layer. Next: under-eye concealer. Travel-size is perfect for any stowaways and for someone who prioritises portability over all. 

I’m also in the market for a new tote, large enough to lug my laptop around layovers (or to the office). Stand Studio makes a furry-black iteration that’s caught my eye for months. For the head, olaplex and a hair-straightener to offset any long-haul mussing, and for the soul, Charmian Clift’s Sneaky Little Revolutions.


Megan Nolan

Marketing Manager

I have no current plans to be in Europe this summer (and also no leave left for a spur of the moment trip), however I’m manifesting it will happen anyway. Bring on a sexy European man who’s ready to whisk me away.

If that does happen then I’ll thankfully be ready to leave at a moment’s notice with this carefully curated list I’ve been dreaming up. Firstly, a teeny tiny bikini like this one from Sommer Swim or this black Matteau one. A sarong that can double as a towel is also always a must, as is a really good SPF50+ face sunscreen when you’re as pale as I am. I’ve recently changed all of my jewellery over from gold to silver (the 2000s are well and truly back) and these Cami Citrine rings have me in a chokehold. 

Mia was completely correct when she suggested that comfy shoes are key. I already have the Adidas Spezials in red but I’d be investing in a pale blue pair if Europe was on the horizon. Last but not least is a new fragrance to remind me of the trip. This one from AYU has been calling my name and is also the perfect size for carry on.


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