Let Harry Styles read you a bedtime story


On Monday, July 6, the mindfulness app Calm revealed that Harry Styles would be joining the ranks to read fans and subscribers a bedtime story, and it's being released tomorrow, July 8.

As previously mentioned, Stephen Fry's 'Blue Gold' narration is a favourite among literally everyone, but could Styles dethrone Fry in this upcoming narration? We suspect he might. So far, Calm has kept the details of Styles' Sleep Story rather quiet, leaving fans to speculate for themselves what he will be reading. We can be sure, however, that whatever the singer has in store for us, will make us feel some type of way indeed, and if you've ever fantasized about getting into bed with the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer, this might be your closest chance.

Interestingly, the collaboration took roughly two years to come to fruition, and long term 'stans' may recall back in 2018 when the Calm app teased, via Twitter, a recording of Styles reading a Sleep Story with a prompt that he might join their long list of celebrity narrators in future. That day has finally come. Styles has been an advocate for mental health and the Calm app for a long while and has even been one of its investors since 2018. Styles has openly discussed the ways therapy has helped him with anxiety over the years, and in an interview with Apple Music claimed "It's been a thing where I've definitely felt it have an impact on my life, and something that I've kind of introduced some friends to, who were going through stuff,".

While the Calm app is no substitute for therapy or professional support with mental health, it is a great relaxation tool for anyone, offering guided meditations, soundscapes for sleep and concentration, and of course, the beloved Sleep Stories. They even have an ASMR feature for anyone who is into that. We're predicting Styles' Sleep Story will be sweet like Watermelon Sugar.

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Image credit: @harrystyles