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Harry Styles has been nominated for one of the UK’s most prestigious accolades, the Ivor Novello awards

Harry Styles Ivor Novello awards

There was never a doubt in our mind that our boy, Harry Styles was talented. From the moment that curly-headed, cardigan clad angel walked out onto the X-Factor stage in 2010; we knew it wouldn't be the last time we saw his face. Surprisingly, though, even after winning multiple awards and having his tracks sitting at the top of the charts for weeks on end, there are still some haters out there who question our boy's musical ability. Now, in the ultimate "told you so" moment for all  Harry Styles fans, this pluralist has been nominated for the UK’s prestigious Ivor Novello awards.

If you're unfamiliar with the Ivor Novello awards, they are basically the gold-standard for songwriting and composing talents in the UK. Naturally, our boy Styles has managed to snag three nominations this year – including the Songwriter of the Year category.

Styles has been nominated together with his Fine Line co-writer Kid Harpoon; which singlehandedly proves that the My Policeman star is more than just a pop star. Considering that Fine Line was first released in December 2o19; it's both impressive and commendable that two years on, the track is still getting the street-cred it deserves. The duo also picked up two more nominations in the PRS for Music Most Performed Work category, for Adore You and Watermelon Sugar.

What makes the Ivor Novello awards so special is that they remain the only UK music award ceremony where the winners aren’t chosen by industry insiders, record labels or publishers. Instead, the nominations and eventual winners are selected by a panel of songwriters and composers. We love to see creatives recognising the work of their peers!

As we know, Styles is currently prancing around somewhere in America's mid-west with one Olivia Wilde. Which means his chances of making it back to the UK to walk the red carpet are pretty slim.

Stay tuned for September 21 to see how Harry Styles fares at the Ivor Novello awards.


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