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Growers garden: These are the easiest vegetables to grown in pots in your own home


There might not be a more satisfying feeling in the world than growing your own vegetables from scratch. We're imagining an aesthetic window, filled with pots and containers thriving with healthy veggies to put in your next dish. It doesn't have to be indoors either, do you have a patch of grass that needs some colour? Arrange your pots in the open air and let those veggies thrive. Although there is no such thing as foolproof vegetable gardening, there are definitely some things you can do to reduce the risk of your plants failing before they manage to get off the ground. The most surefire way to ensure a healthy crop is to start small and simple. We would recommend getting some pots and getting started! Below, we recommend the very easiest vegetables to grow in pots.

Where is the ideal environment to grow my potted veggies?

This would be the perfect spot if you have a balcony or window ledge with dappled light. Outdoors is also another great option to place your pots, as long as they aren't left too long in the heat. If you have your pots outdoors, there is the added risk of bugs getting into your pot plants as well.

Some things to keep in mind for your potted garden

The first thing to think about is the type of container. This is usually for your sake only. Plants aren't too fussed with which container you've picked for them. The most important thing is to make sure it's big enough for the plants to fit when they do start to grow, and that there are drainage holes for the excess water to seep out of.

How big should my container be?

For beginners, it's usually easier to start with a container in a larger size. The reason for this is that the pot holds more soil and moisture for longer. This makes it a little bit more low maintenance for you and means you won't need to water as frequently.

Without further ado, here are the best vegetables for you to grow this summer. Peruse at your enjoyment to get some inspiration for your next summer recipe.



Tomatoes thrive in the heat, so summer is the best time to plant them. Known as the most 'cheerful potted vegetable,' they are extremely productive in pots. They need lots of sunlight so place them near a roof, or window sill and they will be happy as clams.



There are two ways you can grow spinach in pots, either from seeds or re-grow the crop from the root. You can put the seeds directly into the pot in 1.27 cm of soil. After planting the seeds they should take from 5 to 14 days to germinate.



easiest vegetables to grow in pots

Whether you opt for a bush bean or a pole bean, you're sure to grow some delicious produce in time for a summer salad.


best vegetables to grow in pots

Beets are a gorgeous vegetable that tastes amazing and looks stunning as it grows. Beets need a very deep pot to grow comfortably. Choose one that can take a lot of soil for when the roots and bulbs of the beet expand. The seeds should also be sewn far apart so they don't entangle.


easiest vegetables to grow in pots











Chard calls for a wider pot but it doesn't have deep roots, so no need for your container to be that deep.

best vegetables to grow in pots

Chillies require room for their roots to spread so pick a large pot to support it. The soil needs to constantly be moist to support the chillies as they grow. 


Kale is a superstar grower. It can grow in containers alongside other kale plants or even flowers. Add some florals along to brighten up the pot!

Now that you've got more than enough vegetables to know what to do with, why not try making a salad? We've got some delicious summer salads to get you excited about growing those vegetables. If you've got more vegetables to know what to do with, how about making a sublime summer pasta for your next dinner party?

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