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Your favourite influencer is actually now a ‘de influencer’


The tides are changing, with a win for the overconsumption on TikTok with a new trend termed 'de influencing'. But is it really doing anything to deplete the mass overspending on products social media is largely responsible for?  There are products that TikTok jumps on. Everything from brown mascara to the Aritzia puffer jackets to mushroom chips. This issue is boosted by influencers convincing hordes of followers to buy the latest and greatest. 'De influencing' feels like the pendulum swing that could eclipse overspending and over-consuming. If only it were that simple.

This comment by one TikToker with 56,000 likes reads, “I’m here to de influence you.” They continue, “Do not get the Ugg Minis. Do not get the Dyson Airwrap. Do not get the Charlotte Tilbury Wand. Do not get the Stanley Cup. Do not get Colleen Hoover’s books. Do not get the AirPods Pro Max.”

We're at the point where consumers have agency and choice over their purchasing decisions and choose to use them. With trend cycles getting shorter, piles of excess waste growing larger and the environmental impacts of the fashion industry looming larger on everyone's mind than ever before, it is not surprising that this trend has surfaced. These 'de-influencing' videos cropped up at the beginning of the year and have amassed a lot of buzz, specifically in the sustainability sector. The sustainability creator, Shelbi Orme's video on the topic has been viewed over 100 million times.

@chloe.chapdelaine I love this trend so much. #deinfluencing #deinfluencer original sound - Chloë | Travel & Creativity

One of the issues arising from trends such as these is performative influencing. It makes sense, audiences respond to the social favour. People want to do better, especially when faced with confronting images of overfilled landfills and oceans filled with plastic. Influencers want to stay ahead of the curb, but still, need to sell products. In turn, this wholesome seeming trend is morphing to begin selling even more products as recommendations. As promising as the hype around this trend seems, who knows how long it will take for Tiktokkers to circle back to their tried and true influencing antics.

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