Could these two products be the key to glowing skin?

glowing skin

In the realm of skincare, it can often be challenging to strike a balance between 'clean' and 'comforted' on the path to glowng skin. Too clean, and we run the risk of damaging the skin's barrier function (more on this, to come), drying the skin out, and potentially leaving the skin stripped. Too comforted, and you may not be breaking up dirt, oil, and built-up skin cells effectively enough, resulting in clogged pores. This is often why people have such complex routines: some products to do the heavy lifting, and other products to balance the skin once the heavy lifting is done. But what if all the aforementioned 'heavy lifting' is doing more work than you'd bargained for? Could a stripped back routine be the answer to all of your skincare woes?

So far, I'm unsure who might need to hear this, but your 18-step skincare routine might not actually be the best road to follow (I know, cancel me already). As someone with sensitive, acne-prone skin, I've always been a fan of hydration and gentle exfoliation but was, up until recently, doing the most with my skincare by way of this. A few months ago, after gradually phasing out some of my harsher products and only washing my face with a cleanser at night, I noticed a drastic improvement in the frequency in which I was breaking out. This lead me to rethink things and purchase a cleansing milk to use in tandem with a single, fuss-free moisturiser in the hopes that we could only go up from here.

As a spoiler, the quality of my skin has gone way up as a result of doing the absolute bare minimum. I now have less redness, fewer breakouts, and on the occasion I do encounter a mild pimple, they heal within a couple of days, and it's all down to two products which have been working together to keep my barrier function in check.


Avene Antirouges Clean Soothing Cleansing Lotion

avene antirouges cleanserOriginally designed for those suffering rosacea in mind, the Avene Antirouges Clean Soothing Cleansing Lotion calms and hydrates while breaking up dirt and makeup. As someone who doesn't wear makeup daily, this has removed sunscreen well and left my skin feeling soft, comforted, and adequately clean. This cleanser is enriched with Avene's Thermal Spring water which helps to calm and soothe upset skin, so is perfect for those dealing with redness.


CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

cerave moisturizing lotion

If you told me two years ago that I'd be using a $14.00 moisturiser that doubles as a body moisturiser on my face daily, I would have blocked you. Now, I'd die for CeraVe Moisturising Lotion. Loaded with three essential ceramides, this moisturiser not only helps to restore moisture but ensures a healthy epidermis that is capable of dealing with environmental stressors and bacteria that causes breakouts. While it's not the most luxurious of affairs, my skin has never been happier.


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