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Happy listening: Genesis Owusu and Harvey Sutherland have teamed up for a remix of his hit song, “Gold Chains”

Genesis Owusu Gold Chains

When artist Genesis Owusu announced his long-awaited debut album, Smiling With No Teeth; fans of the Ghanaian-Australian creative waited with bated breathe for what was sure to be one to remember. As expected, the 15-track release was nothing short of an avalanche of ideas, energy and determination; featuring collaborations and guest appearances from some of industry's most talented artist. Now, less than a month since its official release, Genesis Owusu is back working with one of his album co-collaborators, Harvey Sutherland, for the release of a special video and remix of his track, "Gold Chains."

Reworked by machine funk synthesist, Harvey Sutherland, the beloved single receives an added dose of synth-led serenity into the amorphous track. Sutherland’s distinctive electronic soul and left-field disco cuts accompanied by Genesis’ smooth melodies and lyrical integrity come together and further define Genesis Owusu as an artist with no genre boundaries. To add to the Avante-garde impact, Owusu has enlisted 3D self-taught digital artist and musician Serwah Attafuah to create and direct the surreal cyber wasteland of blazing neon lights and underground matrixes of uncharted mysteries.


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Speaking of the new single and the creative process, Owusu shared; “I'm always aspiring to curate the sounds of the future and the sounds of the unknown. Harvey Sutherland has this certain charm about his work that somehow feels futuristic and reminiscent at the same time, so it felt more than right to enlist him to produce the Gold Chains Remix, especially after killing the production on Easy, an album favourite. This concept of futurism, Afrofuturism specifically, is what drew me in so deeply to Serwah Attafuah's work, a fellow Ghanaian-Australian artist. I'm so glad we finally got to work together on the music video for this ‘Gold Chains’ remix; her work is seriously next level.”

You can watch Genesis Owusu in the "Gold Chains" (Harvey Sutherland Remix) video below.

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