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Gathering dust with Prudence

Tom Crandles Prudence

After the 2020 release of Heart Sways, Tom Crandles, the musical architect behind Prudence returns to our ears. Newly signed to Endless Recordings, a 7-inch EP, ‘Untitled’ is set to captivate us with its release on May 14th. The texturally rich, ever modulating dreamlike record carries the listener on a journey with both direction and ambiguity. There is drive and dissonance, purpose and reflection and a depth of feeling simmering beneath a sophisticated surface. We were lucky enough to steal some time from the elusive and mysterious writer to talk about his recent creative journey.


Prudence has been a pillar of the local and international music scene and prior to forming Prudence was half of the acclaimed group, Au.Ra. How has your latest recording and forth coming release 'Untitled', developed from Au.Ra and your former recordings?

They're two very different projects, I'm not sure it has developed from Au.Ra in any way, if we think of it that way it's digressed as it's lacking Tim's input, if anything it's just different music, with a different message.


Are you able to define the new message or is that a little close to your heart to reveal?

I don’t really want to go into specifics but I guess it’s kinda explained in the who I am and what I want things to be.


Has the sound and content developed?

I'd like to think it has. I record everything from my home studio so I'm always acquiring new equipment, instruments and skills. I got a Buchla Music Easel yesterday. Prudence and music in general will always be a process in development.


Do you draw much of your lyrical inspiration from your life? Is your voice autobiographical or a performative character?

It's a little self indulgent but Prudence, lyrically, is always a self check in for me. Not so much autobiographical but a discussion or argument with myself between who I am and who I want to be or what I do and what I should do. Ideally I'd hope anyone who can relate to my experience will connect with it.


What records, books, films and pieces of art have been inspiring you lately? Are there any artists that you are hoping to play with? I know we've spoken about Peter Shilling and David Silvian in the past…

Musically I always look to Swans, Mick Karn or Talk Talk for a mood. Last few years it's all been Warren Zevon with Tool, Mina, AC Marias and Pile thrown in the mix. I'll eternally be hoping to play with all of them in this life or the next.


What drew you to sign with Endless?

Alex Cameron and desperation.


Can you talk about the marriage between your visuals and your music? I understand you have a long standing working relationship with photographer and director Mclean Stephenson who created the cover art for ‘Untitled’.

Hm, I’m not sure I really can… I do have an aesthetic which I've never managed to accurately express on my own. I look to Frank Auerbach, Gerhard Richter and Wassilly Kandinsky if I'm at a loss but Mclean Stephenson is flying that flag, he takes all the photos and shoots all the videos which I’m forever grateful for.


For a taste of what is to come, you can listen to 'Better' below.

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