Your Gemini horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

gemini horoscope 2022

Last year’s eclipses across your sign and Sagittarius really worked to check in with how you take in information and what you then do with it. Part of your beauty is being able to hold multiple viewpoints at once, without judgement. Yet when it comes to carving out your own point of view, your sign may prefer to keep its options open.

Jupiter, Sag’s ruler, enters Aries for much of this year and its effects will be great on your ‘choose your own adventure’ style mind. With so many paths and possibilities, Jupiter in the terrain of wants, needs and desires affords you some direct experience as far as what it is that lights you up; as opposed to what lights up all the people you observe in your physical and digital life. Your highly absorptive, chameleon nature is beautiful, and this transit will ensure that your ever-changing self is moving in directions that bring you to life, rather than absorbing the wants, needs and desires of your community and the collective.

Saturn’s transit through your 10th house works to ground your ideas, language, and perspectives by bringing the discipline, structures and routines that aid you in turning thought to form. Your mind moves fast, and you speak the vernacular that will become the norm. Take this Saturnian energy (here until March 2023) to really ground and birth your mind’s visions into this earthly realm. Your energy can just float through life in a sense, but this energy is tapping into your oracle aspect. Creativity isn’t simply tangible items that a person makes and creates, it’s also one’s way of seeing the world, its ideas, observations, and perspectives too.

Career and purpose is part of your focus this year and will arise during the eclipses in April, May, October and November. There is an eye on how you apply your skills and talents out in the world in a way that is simultaneously sustaining yet allows for your natural re-invention and re-birth energy. Take note of what arises for you – one of the themes is looking at how you are able to be grounded with your imaginative and intuitive abilities and then how you translate them into the work you do, conduit style. Part of what we have been told is that our work and purpose need to be linear and for Gemini energy, it just isn’t. Your energy needs variety, and it is the variety of experience and interests that brings richness to your work and purpose. This isn’t fickle, you’ve come here for the full buffet.

Mars retrogrades through Gemini 30th Oct – 12th January and well, this is a strong time to be intellectually curious of how you communicate your will and determination, wants and needs out into your world. Are you clear in communicating your desires or reading everyone’s facial expressions and body language and re-assessing what you are about to deliver as a result?


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