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This art sale is raising funds for the Aboriginal Legal Service

Amrita Hepi Art Sale funds Aboriginal Legal Service Children's Ground

In times of upheaval, art can help in more ways than one. The minds behind Printing in Solidarity know this. And they're using it to its best effect with a print sale raising money for the Aboriginal Legal Service and Children's Ground.

It's the latest inspiring initiative by creative people coming together, despite adversity, to create change.

For the first release, artists we love including Amrita Hepi, Stanislava Pinchuk and Saskia Wilson have contributed prints for sale. Works are either $100 or $150 each, depending on size.

According to the website, Printing in Solidarity was born "in response to the global Black Lives Matter and the ongoing Stop Aboriginal Deaths in Custody movements."

"The project brings together local artists who share the goal of becoming better allies by raising money and awareness."


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The initiative brings focus to ongoing injustices committed against Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island communities in Australia. In particular, the hugely disproportionate incarceration rates of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Australians, including imprisoned children. And it couldn't be more pertinent.

The United Nations recommends the minimum criminal age of responsibility be 14. However, last week Australia's attorneys-general refused to raise the age of criminal responsibility in the country - meaning children as young as 10 will continue to be arrested, charged and detained under Australian law. And according to, Indigenous Australian children make up 65 per cent of imprisoned children under 14.

Printing in Solidarity - which launched in National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day - aims to raise resources for organisations working on the ground to address injustices and support Indigenous Australian communities.



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The Aboriginal Legal Service fights for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Peoples in the areas of criminal law, children’s care and protection law and family law. Children's Ground is led by First Nations communities across Australia to implement First Nations led education. And create a new future for Indigenous Australian children.

To buy art for a cause, go to the Printing in Solidarity website now.

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