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libra full moon

There’s an oasis in rugged, southwestern Peru surrounded by a village called Huacachina. Mud and water from the lagoon there are said to contain healing properties to help with arthritis, asthma, rheumatism, and other ailments. Tourists wend their way through sand dunes 500 metres high to repose in low-key emerald luxury before returning to the harsh conditions of the world.

It might be useful to think of the Libra Full Moon on the 17th of April (in Australia) as a cosmic Huacachina providing respite from the hard heat and terrain of Mars-ruled Aries, fuelled as it is by Cardinal fire.

Full Moons always occur in the sign opposite the current season, and, because of this polarity, they offer a moment to neutralise the predominant mood of the month. In our current case, we are deep in the “me-first” energy of the Ram, its horns and haunches on high alert for anything threatening its sense of singular sovereignty. We need and want this force in our lives—it pushes us forward.

But going full tilt all alone can also be alienating. Cue the Libra Full Moon which should have us feeling more balanced toward work and especially partners mid-month. Why?

While every Full Moon makes us more emotional, the sign it transits influences the way we express our feelings about romance, money, friends, and career, among other things. This upcoming Moon in particular will lend Libra's deliberate and measured energy to our emotional lives and the way we relate to others. This makes sense. While Aries is associated with the ego, Libra counterbalances it by governing over Relationships. Aries is singular, Libra dual.

Consider, as well, that benefic Venus presides over Libra, so this Moon should have something to do with beauty, love, and money. Be near family or romantic partners. Take some time from work. Beautify the home and socialise a bit.

Listening, balancing, deliberating, harmonising, beautifying, measuring, being together, complementarity—these are the key words for the lunar Libra mood on the 17th. Depending on your sign, the Libra Full Moon will be lighting up different areas of your chart. Check your Libra Full Moon horoscope below.


This season has been all about you, Ram, but now it’s all about them (a business partner, a spouse, or any other significant relationship). The Libra Full Moon illuminates your Partnership sector, so pull up a chair and listen to work- or love-related concerns over a Chenin Blanc at dusk.


With the Libra Full Moon lighting up your Health and Diet sector, focus on achieving harmony this lunation through a balanced set of dietary choices. While Venus rules you and Libra, resist your preference for Venusian decadence. Keep it Libra light, so as not to tip the Scales.


Lucky Twins, your Romance sector gets brightened by the Full Moon in Venus-ruled Libra. This lunation is perfect for a night out with your beloved. Decide where you’re going to dinner beforehand, though, as Libra Moons can cause some indecision. Nothing ad hoc.


The Libra Full Moon shines bright in your Home zone, which is an auspicious placement for your hearth-loving nature. Focus on beautifying your place in some way (Venus) to add harmony (Libra): roses, rosemary, a large wooden bowl, seductively full, like the Moon itself.


Your Communication zone is alit by the Libra Full Moon. Take this deliberate energy to sit down and write or speak with a business partner, friend, or beloved about any lingering issues. This is a peacemaking transit. This zone also deals with siblings–so maybe warm words toward them, too.


With the Libra Full Moon highlighting your Money zone, this is a strong lunation to balance the monthly budget (the kind of activity that thrills your precise Virgo heart). But Venus (money) rules Libra, so this could also be a transit to spend a bit on yourself. Or do both rather than make a decision. That’s very LFM, too.


The Libra Full Moon transits through your Ego zone, shining Venusian light on yourself. While your nature is other-oriented, this is your day to talk about your needs and desires, rather than weighing the options of a partner. It’s also a day to beautify the Self (Venus) with some sort of lux treat glinting with gold.


In general, the Full Moon illuminates the sky but it can also bring hidden things to light. With this lunation transiting your Secrets sector, deep insights can emerge. From this vantage point, write a list of things that are no longer serving you, this is a great time for closure. This part of your chart also deals with The Unconscious, so dreams can be particularly vivid and illuminating now.


The Libra Full Moon lights up your Friend zone, so bring balance, peace, and harmony to April 17th by asking a bff what they’d like to do for the evening. Even if poker or miniature golf isn’t your thing, the point here is to figure the desires of a friend into your emotional calculus.


With the Libra Full Moon transiting your Career zone, think Work/Life balance–and put some weight on the side of life. Aries season is a hyper-busy time, which you tend to love, but you also need relaxation. The only negotiations on this lunation should be about whether to go for Japanese or Italian cuisine. Capiche?


Your Philosophy zone gets highlighted during this Libra Full Moon. Libra, of course, has to do with equality and fairness. Maybe it’s high time to finally dip into John Rawls’ magisterial Theory of Justice or at least verse yourself in his “veil of ignorance” argument. Happy reading!


Your nature loves the ebb and flow of emotional congress. Lucky for you, then, that the Libra Full Moon lights up your 8th House of Initimacy, Sex, and Shared Finances. This lunation is tailor-made for balancing your chequebook with your helpmate and/or balancing atop your helpmate.

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