Your Aries horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

aries horoscopes 2022

Aries, a very interesting mix of planetary forces are at play for you this year. This combination of celestial ingredients is calling you into the next level of your embodiment and expression; and use of your magic sauce, your will.

Chiron, the Centaur, known as the Wounded Healer, continues its long-term transit through your sign (until June 2026), evolving how you use your strong will and desire-nature. Is it for short term gains and gratification or do you also have one eye on your long game? Chiron turns our ‘wounds’ into gold and part of your gold is your fire and your initiatory force. What sparks your energy and calls you to action? If it is things like competitiveness coming from a scarcity mindset, then Chiron is an energy you can use to alchemise the lower expressions of Aries into their higher counterparts.

This year is a time to assess both the sprints and the long-distance events that you are running simultaneously. As expansive Jupiter enters your sign from the 12th May – 28th October and back again from the 21st December, your horizons expand. Rather than being purely focused within your life and your next move, Jupiter elevates your vista, allowing you to see a much wider perspective of who you are and how you are using your energy. Jupiter has a lot to do with the meaning we apply to our reality, and you may begin to analyse all areas of life, sensing what is meaningful and what may have stagnated and become meaningless. New teachers, viewpoints and expansive connections will widen your scope; as if lifting your head after focussing on something right in front of you for a long time and seeing anew just how beautiful, large and bountiful your terrain really is.

The four eclipses in Taurus-Scorpio will be homing in on how you build and express your value as well as your own financial and material base. It looks at how you channel your force and energy into either creation or destruction, with the eclipses tilting you towards building sustainable systems for your energy as opposed to quickfire bursts and burnouts.

This is a year that sets you towards viewing yourself from a greater vantage point, to see your daily actions and motivations and how they build upon your longer-term path to selfhood. You haven’t come here to sit on the fence or to watch from the stalls Aries, you’ve come here to be in the ring, doing your thing. This is a year to strategise the direction of your will and make your force count. When you get intentional with your will and determination, you’re playing on a whole other level. Go big. Go bigger. Match your actions with meaning and see how your energy can sustain more than a sprint.


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