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Frank Ocean could be adding director to his résumé

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We always feel particularly blessed when we hear from Frank Ocean. The man is perpetually on hiatus and at this stage, we've learned to make a meal from the bread crumbs he leaves out for us. As it turns out, however, the Blonde musician may secretly be working on a new project – and no it's not a fresh album (at least for the moment, he is headlining Coachella 2023 after all). Rather, he's entering the land of film and very well may be in the midst of making his directorial debut, with A24 no less. Find everything we know about this new development, below.

What film is Frank Ocean working on?

Of course, this is all speculation at this point. Sources alerted Discussing Films to the potential project, revealing that all three parties involved – A24, 2 AM and Frank Ocean – are currently referring to the film as "Philly". And while the plot and casting are being kept under wraps, this internal moniker could be an indication of what to expect from the film if it comes to fruition.

When will filming begin?

As per Discussing Films, filming could be underway as early as spring with all of it complete before the New Year. There has also been some talk about Frank Ocean filming the movie at various locations in New Mexico.

Is this the first time Frank Ocean has worked with A24?

While this film would be Ocean's directorial debut, it's not the first time he's been enlisted by A24. In the past he collaborated with A24 on the foreword of the production company's Academy Award winning 2016 drama Moonlight. Then in 2019 he collaborated with A24 again to create the soundtrack to Troy Shults' film, Waves.

As always, with the news this fresh and little other information to go by, we'll be waiting for confirmation from all parties involved before we throw our hands up and begin celebrating.

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