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The best photo-forward coffee table books for the home

Somewhere between reading novels and doom-scrolling Instagram, the coffee table book arrived. Bound between two hardbacks emerged a filing of photographs and images that spoke words of their own, and since, have planted themselves firmly on our shelves as cherished mementos of style and culture. Amid a global pandemic and lockdown restrictions that have spanned almost a year, getting off the internet feels imperative, as does constantly freshening up our spaces so we don't spiral into the abyss. From Patti and Robert, Kate and Mario, Davide Sorrenti and Peter Lindbergh, below, we are rounding up our favourite coffee table books where sentimentality lies in the foreword and the images speak of a time of exploration.


Slim Aarons La Dolce Vita


For those wanting to get away. A romantic and glamorous account of the years spent visiting Italy over the course of his entire life. otherworldly aerials of the Sicilian countryside, intimate portraits of celebrities and high society taken in their breathtaking villas, "the good life" is thoroughly captured in La Dolce Vita.


DESIRE Patti Smith & Robert Maplethorpe


DESIRE by Lloyd Ziff captures Smith & Maplethorpe's first photoshoot together in 1968 at their shared apartment in Brooklyn, and again in 1969 at Ziff's apartment in Greenwich Village. Documented as a pair, Ziff's imagery captures intimate and earnest moments between the two from an unpolished lens. Before just kids, the enduringly desirable unspoen language between them is immortalised in Ziff's photographs.


Davide Sorrenti Polaroids 1994-1997

Davide Sorrenti's legacy translated into a book of some of his most prolific and raw work. This coffee table tome strays from his editorial and advertising work and brings his young life into focus amid an era that the photographer ultimately defined as heroin-chic.


Kate by Mario Sorrenti


The duo that has inspired for decades. Mario Sorrenti's intimate imagery of Kate Moss at the time they were a couple have transcended time in a captivating way. Shots that capture true connection - Sorrenti's collection of 17 year old Moss depicts moments of each of them on the precipice of two legendary careers. It's all Kate, and here she is, unguarded and impossible to look away from.


Andy Warhol: Polaroids 1958-1987


Warhols legacy, and the years he carried his polaroid camera around his neck immortalised in imagery that depicts his life at the height of his career. Portraits of celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Alfred Hitchcock, Jack Nicholson, Yves Saint Laurent, Pelé, Debbie Harry are included alongside images of Warhol’s entourage and high life, landscapes, and still lifes from Cabbage Patch dolls to the iconic soup cans.


This is Not a F*cking Street Style Book


For those missing fashion shows, iconic street style photographer Adam Katz Sinding brings them to the living room. Documenting major fashion events, top brands, tastemakers, and models since 2003, Katz Sinding offers a look into candid moments across the globe from some of the biggest fashion events in the past decade. A reference point for memory, nostalgia, style and culture, this is more than a f*cking street style book.


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