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Food For Everyone has launched limited edition prints to raise funds for FareShare


Food For Everyone, a not-for-profit culinary poster shop founded by artist Gemma Leslie has launched its second collection of limited-edition prints to raise money for FareShare—an Australian charity that cooks millions of free meals for those in need across the country.

The prints, available in an array of colours and designs feature recipes from Australian chefs such as Andrew McConnell (Cumulus Inc.), Lennox Hastie (Firedoor, Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’), Lisa Valmorbida (Pidapipó Gelateria) and Kay-Lene Tan (Tonka). Following the sell-out success of the first collection which raised $41,585.33 for FareShare. Leslie is doing her second run of limited-edition prints, which feature each chefs’ recipes translated into artworks that embody organic forms, imperfections and bright colours.




“Food For Everyone is my way of bringing a touch of happiness into people’s homes during an extremely difficult time,” said Leslie in a press release. “For me, this project was born out of my love for sharing food with family and friends. Coming together and sharing a meal is a communal and binding act—an act that is understood globally. I wanted the posters to capture that spirit.”

“By collaborating with some of the country’s best chefs and cooks, Food For Everyone honours those who have made a lasting impact on Australia’s food scene, while allowing people to own a small piece of culinary history. Most importantly, it puts food on the table for those in need through the work of our friends at FareShare.” She continued.



As food relief becomes even more imminent amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative comes at a crucial time as approximately 35% of Australians currently experiencing food insecurity expect they won’t cope when the additional Government support via JobSeeker and JobKeeper is withdrawn in March.

"The support from Food For Everyone has already allowed FareShare to provide more than 30,000 free cooked and highly nutritious meals for Australians in need. Gemma's artwork celebrates Australia's exceptional food culture by capturing its bright spirit and bringing together the industry's best to generously support some of our most vulnerable.” said FareShare Director Toni Hetherington.

Leslie's prints are available to pre-order via the non-profits website between February 11-25, 2021.