Flo Morrissey talks the fire within, staying open and being muse to Gucci

Even at first glance, it’s hard not to fall into some kind of love with musician, singer and songwriter Flo Morrissey. Her look floats somewhere between child of Woodstock and elf in a Tolkien fairytale – romantic, pure and wholly mesmerising; just ask Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, who, after discovering the young London native, wasted no time casting her to his front row for SS 16.

“I worked hard from a young age but not from a place of wanting fame, more with the idea I felt and feel so much fire within music that I want to let free.”

Left: GUCCI jacket, shirt, skirt and shoes.
Right: GUCCI dress.

The 21-year-old’s pensive folk tunes and unembellished performances have seen her compared to icons of the 60s and 70s – Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez among them. You could say she’s a traditionalist, but only to a point; her path to the stage has been a decidedly modern one. At 14 she began learning the guitar and recording original songs on GarageBand, which she would soon start uploading to her Myspace profile. It was the video for song, Show Me - a Sofia Coppola-esque dreamscape filmed underwater by her younger sister and posted to Vimeo - that would capture the attention of Devendra Banhart’s manager Aram Goldberg. Last year Morrissey released her first album, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful.

Left: GUCCI shirt, skirt and shoes; MAISON CLOSE bra.
Right: GUCCI dress.

“Sometimes just being pragmatic and doing the mundane is where the beauty can come. It’s just about being open and not being so hard on ourselves.”

GUCCI shirt and skirt; MAISON CLOSE bra.

PHOTOGRAPHY Martin Zähringer
FASHION Bridie Gilbert
TALENT Flo Morrissey
HAIR Joseph Pujalte @ ArtList
MAKEUP Mayumi Oda @ Calliste Agency

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