Spotlight on Jamie Bochert

From her to eternity. Jamie Bochert makes music because it is transportive, the way to a private universe.

Left: VETEMENTS coat and jumper; ERES briefs; customised FALKE stockings and socks; talent’s own ring.
Right: CÉLINE dress; vintage MANOLO BLAHNIK shoes from Albright Fashion Library; MARIA LA ROSA socks; WWAKE necklaces; VENICE JEWELLERY rings.

Tall, lithe, with that jet-black hair cut just so to frame those big brown eyes, Bochert’s spell is cast in an instant. A New Jersey native, she was discovered in 2002 and in a few months made her first overseas trip to Paris Fashion Week, debuting for Ann Demeulemeester. Yet, despite her sudden propulsion into the public eye, Bochert always managed to retain a degree of distance.

“I first started playing music at the age of 10 … My neighbour and best friend had a piano, and I would always go to her house and play. I remember never wanting to go home.”

Left: MIU MIU coat; MAISON CLOSE briefs; FALKE stockings and socks.
Right: ELLERY coat; ERES briefs; stylist’s own stockings.

Nowadays, you’ll find Bochert writing, singing and recording songs on a handheld tape recorder in her Brooklyn apartment. The recent culmination of her work is an EP, recorded under her stage name, Francis Wolf.

“I liked that [music] made me feel like I did not need anything else in the world and that and I could get lost in it.”

FALKE socks.

When performing, she plays chords that sound as though they should not work, but do, while her lo-fi vocals, soft and throaty, intersect with the sound of an electric guitar.

“Anything from Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Lou Reed or David Bowie ... My greatest influences are artists who are not afraid to be different.”

Left: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN dress; stylist’s own necklace; VENICE JEWELLERY necklace and rings; JILL PLATNER bracelet.
Right: Robe from The 9th St Haberdashery; RE/DONE jeans; FALKE socks;
WOUTERS & HENDRIX necklace; JILL PLATNER necklace.

Left: CALVIN KLEIN collection jumper; NEGATIVE briefs;
JILL PLATNER necklace.
Right: GIVENCHY BY RICCARDO TISCI vest; shirt from The 9th St Haberdashery;
FALKE socks; JILL PLATNER necklace; WWAKE necklace; VENICE JEWELLERY necklace and ring.

PHOTOGRAPHY Drew Jarrett @ Society MGMT
TALENT Jamie Bochert @ The Lions
FASHION Bridie Gilbert
HAIR Cecilia Romero @ The Wall Group using René Furterer
MAKE UP Sil Bruinsma @ Streeters using Chanel
PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANTS Jason Geering and Ricardo Fernandes
STYLIST’S ASSISTANTS Olivia Kozlowski, Raymond Gee and Jennifer Riviera

Photographed at Sunset Studios.

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