Meryl Streep and Sienna Miller are just a few names joining the cast of Scott Z. Burns’ climate change anthology series

When we caught wind last year that Scott Z. Burns would be taking on an anthology series titled Extrapolations, it certainly piqued our interest. While we must admit we're weary of yet another climate change documentary, his decision to broach the subject from the angle of how our personal, romantic and social lives will be impacted by global warming feels like a fresh take. And now that the cast for Extrapolations has been announced - it's a big one - we're beginning to trust Burn's vision even more so.

As is the fashion with forthcoming films like Don't Look Up and whatever spectacle Wes Anderson is currently concocting, casting of late has increased in size and in stature of those involved. Extrapolations is no different. Hollywood's most hardworking queen, Meryl Streep has been tapped for the series (why does this feel like announcing the headliner at a festival?). Alongside her is style icon, Sienna Miller as a marine biologist named Rebecca Shearer.

As for the rest of the cast? Expect to see the brooding Kit Harington play a CEO industrial giant by the name of Nick Bilton, Tahar Rahim from The Serpent is saddled with the role of Ezra Haddad - a man struggling with memory loss. Joining them is David Schwimmer as Harris Goldblatt, a father to a teenage daughter, Daveed Diggs from Snowpiercer as a rabbi in South Florida and Gemma Chan in the role of a single mother and micro-finance banker, Natasha Alper. You can also expect cameos from Matthew Rhys - the creepy author from Girls - and Adarsh Gourav.

We weren't kidding, the cast of Extrapolations is flooded with acting heavyweights. But for good reason. A big piece of what's missing from the climate change narrative is how this will affect us on a personal level. Not that we aren't already aware, but Scott Z. Burns is doing the lords work by translating the science and dire reality of climate change, into something that is palpable and that will hopefully galvanise people and institutions to put in the real work. He's appealing to our emotions, and doing it with a cast of professional actors who earn a living from their ability to make us feel things. Kudos Scott, bring on Extrapolations!

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