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Camilla and Marc’s collection PLAY explores optimism and female representation

As Australia slowly edges closer to opened borders and renewed gatherings, we are all feeling a fresh sense of optimism for the future. This is what Camilla and Marc's new resort 21 collection is here to celebrate.

It's called PLAY, a collection that takes its name from the contemporary dance performance “Play” by Alexander Ekman. This performance piece explores the concept of play and how it sheds meaning on our lives, and this is the message of Camilla and Marc's new collection. The PLAY collection is an enduring representation of the multi-faceted lives we live as adults.

The face of the resort 21 collection is mother, actor, model and author Paulina Porizkova​. Pauline was chosen for her defiance of social norms around ageing and they way she shares her experiences in an authentic way. Her Instagram channel shares the realistic experiences people face in this world, cutting through the stigma and noise as she talks about moments that others would rather hide away. Paulina has never been afraid to go against the grain.




In the campaign and with the collaboration of Paulina, Camilla Freeman-Topper strives to create a fresh narrative for women. One where we can breakdown the preconceived ideas so often projected onto women, allowing them to be represented at all stages of life

An honouring of women, PLAY seeks to be a place where we can all go and find a sense of whimsy, optimism and joy. Voluminous shapes and playful palettes show the ability of fashion to act as a vessel for personal expression and sharing happiness. At the same time, PLAY is stripped back to a new sense of simplicity and ease. Soft moments that go beyond trends transforming into something completely timeless.

“With the decision to include more age diversity in our campaigns I really do hope to create opportunities for women to feel represented whatever their age may be. There is an anti-ageing narrative that exists for women that can be really challenging to navigate at any age, so it is my hope that we can provide a more honest, real and true version for women everywhere,” said creative director, Camilla Freeman-Topper.




“Bringing space, a sense of lightness and reprieve from the heaviness of the world into the wardrobe this season was so important, particularly since this collection was designed during lock down periods in Sydney. Personally, I find a huge amount of joy and optimism through dress, and so I wanted to create these moments in the everyday by bringing a sense of depth and rawness as well as positivity and freedom,” said said.


Camilla and Marc PLAY will launches October 19 2021. Head to to discover more.


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