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Emerging brand ESÅNT walks the line between strength and sensitivity


Aesthetics redefined. As an emerging brand carving out a namesake, finding restraint often comes years after inception. For creative director Aline Díaz, restraint is built into the DNA of the Mexican brand.

Born out of a desire to see garments hold values of vulnerability and purpose, and work in symbiosis together, ESÅNT fills in the gaps of a forever wardrobe. Thoughtful in approach and strong in execution, Pre Fall 21 is no exception.

A reference to the greats - Matisse, Klimt, Sherman and Turrell, ESÅNT Pre Fall 21 explores the worlds of some of history's most prolific creatives. The collection - and the mood board alongside - nods to the power in simplicity. Drawing inspiration from the consciousness of form and its representation, the essence of sensitivity is captured in paired back elements. Pre Fall 2021 brings forth the spirit of an aesthete woman - the basis of the emerging brand.



Simple silk shirts are adorned with built-in cufflinks and cutouts, while the classic LBD is reiterated with sculptural pleating. Staple slip skirts in moss green hang off the hips, alongside organza capes to swaddle shoulders. Signature materials are revisited and reworked, soft shades of green are married with dramatic blacks and crisp whites. Pre Fall 21 explores the brand's distinctive silhouettes with an emphasis on softness and the organic form.


The result, are pieces to be worn over and over again. A seasonless approach to carry through each moment, with the ability to layer and lean on versatility when necessary.


The collection mood board drives the sentiment home with a heavy reference on linework and the exploration of figure and form. Alongside sketches by Picasso, Buchete and Matisse, are references to geometry and the way it is applied to fabric through pleating. An emphasis on a neutral colour palette is notable, with cool greys alongside sandy beiges, forming a visual scape that circles back to restraint.