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Here’s how to get your hands on Emma Corrin’s unbelievable custom Miu Miu gown

Emma Corrin Miu Miu raffle

When images of Emma Corrin began to surface on the internet on the day of this year's Golden Globes; our office went into a collective meltdown over the star's award-worthy outfit. Her custom, Pierrot-inspired Miu Miu gown had us imagining a universe where we could waltz into a friend's glamorous dinner party donning the eye-catching fit. Although we don't presently have any events to attend where an ensemble of this calibre would be entirely appropriate, we now have the chance (however unrealistic it may be), to have the actor's gown hanging in our wardrobe for that one perfect moment. Emma Corrin announced that she will be donating her covetable Miu Miu gown to a raffle for The Survivors Trust; a a UK charity that supports survivors of sexual violence.

In a recent interview, The Crown star explained her thought process behind her decision to sell off the gown, sharing; “It’s a very strange thing, that so much work is put into creating a custom outfit for one evening, albeit an amazing occasion… I wanted the outfit to keep on giving and with the raffle it means that it wasn’t just made for one evening – it will make a difference and give a charity the money it needs to provide crucial help."


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Following on from increasing number of gender-based attacks in the UK and across the globe, Corrin's decision to collaborate with The Survivors Trust speaks to the long-overdue conversation around sexual assault that is currently taking place. At the start of this week, we learnt of the news that misogyny will now be recorded as a hate crime in both England and Wales. From March 18, both countries will officially be ordered to record all crimes they suspect could have been motivated by hostility based on gender and has the potential to apply to crimes such as murder, sexual offences, domestic violence, harassment and stalking.

Taking to her Instagram to share the initiative, Corrin wrote in a statement; "It is essential that there are safe spaces available for survivors to turn to in order to feel like they can be heard and supported at their own pace by people trained to help. The work that The Survivors Trust does is just this."

While the raffle isn't available to Australian residents, Corrin encourages anyone who has the means to please donate directly to the charity. Or, if you happen to have a friend of relative who's currently living in the UK, now's the time to shoot your shot.

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