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‘Boy Meets Boy’ is the new queer love story serving us ‘Before Sunrise’ feels

Boy Meets Boy film

The prospect of spending a day aimlessly wandering the city with a handsome stranger, seems like the storyline of a dreamy romance film. Before Sunrise; anyone? While it's almost impossible to imagine it happening in the narrative of our own lives; the idyllic nature of this almost unattainable moment of fate seems to draw us in time and time again. And for good reason. Now, there's a new addition to this niche of the romance genre; in the form of the queer film, Boy Meets Boy.

Set in Berlin over the course of 24 hours, Boy Meets Boy begins like many of these films do – a fatal, intense attraction but with no intention of seeing it through. It follows Harry (played by Matthew James Morrison), a British doctor who has travelled to Berlin for a weekend of sex and pleasure, and Johannes (Alexis Kotsoulis), a dancer and local, who is in a long-term open relationship. The pair meet in a crowded club; sharing a moment on the dance floor that leads to a night spent together. As the next morning comes around and Harry realises he needs to print his boarding pass for a flight back to England 15 hours later, the pair decide to shake up the rules of a one-night stand and spend the day together before he flies back.

Watch the trailer for Boy Meets Boy below.

As Johannes takes Harry on a guided tour of the city, the pair's conversation shifts from light-hearted, cheeky gaffes, to increasingly intimate and challenging conversations. As we see in the trailer, the duo lie lazily together in the park; sharing their thoughts on love; walking the city as they discuss the overlooked intricacies of casual sex – particularly for the queer community – and feelings of existentialism.

Directed by Daniel Sánchez López, Boy Meets Boy first screened at the BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival, and will be available to watch online until 28 March.

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