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Embracing change with artist Bec Smith

Melbourne based artist Bec Smith returns to Paddington's Saint Cloche gallery with her latest solo exhibition, Cameos. A series of abstract images mirroring her metamorphosis into motherhood and adjusting to life’s organic course of continual transitions. Smith plays with a palette of soft-hues to create geometric forms that symbolise the purity and gentleness of a mother's love. She utilises this experience from its existence within the natural world to represent contradictions of connection and detachment in pieces such a Translucent Shell with Black Pearl Oyster/ Strength & Vulnerability and I am Nothing, I am Everything / Paradox. Smith expresses the sense of duality that occurs by way of childbirth and the power of that unique and fierce maternal bond. Cameos will be on display at Saint Cloche from November 20 to December 2.