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Everything you need to know about Drunk Elephant’s new hair and body care launches

Drunk Elephant hair and body care

Drunk Elephant has long been high on our list of beauty must haves - and a personal favourite of mine. And now, the brand has expanded their skincare range into both hair and body products. Announced in March the seven new products in total dropped in April available from Mecca online store. 

The brand launched with affordable skincare, free from essential oils and silicones back in 2012. And we’ve long been fans. We aren’t the only ones. Andreja Pejic uses it as part of her night beauty routine. The Drunk Elephant intensive hydration serum is a must for Bella Thomas. And Paris Mitchell-Temple and Christelle Scifo both add serums to their skincare routines before sleep. 

Here, we’ve outlined the newest product launches from Drunk Elephant. And why these are the next thing to add to your beauty top shelf. 

Drunk Elephant’s body care range

Still suspicious of a more natural deodorant option? The brand’s moisturising Sweet Pitti Deodorant cream is free from essential oils, aluminium and baking soda. Perhaps now is the time to make the switch? 

A cleansing and hydrating powerhouse duo the new cleanser and lotion is made for skin in need of a recharge. The Kamali Cream Body cleanser is a non-fragranced blend that utilises amino acids to restore and calm skin and leaves a healing layer of protective lipids on skin. The one thing to do next? Lather the Sili Body lotion from head-to-toe and allow the marula butter, coconut oil, and Sacha inchi seed oil nourish skin. 


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Drunk Elephant’s hair care range

The creation of the brand’s founder Tiffany Masterson and celebrity hair stylist Chris McMillian the range has all your hair care needs covered.“I knew I could formulate interesting and innovative hair products and I knew Chris could then test them out on different hair all day, every day and give me the feedback I needed to get things right,” Masterson explains of the creations. 

The shampoo is a sulfate-free, colour-safe formulation that still foams to clean the hair shaft without creating damage. Whilst the conditioner is packed with “a concentrated, nourishing blend of non-fragrant plant oils and butters” that hydrate and protect the hair.

Hair care starts with the scalp. Much like exfoliating the skin so products can be more effective the TLC Happi Scalp scrub uses an AHA/BHA blend to cleanse dead skin cells and product build up. Allowing for a thorough cleanse and treatment. And for post shower? The Wild Marula Tangle spray is a leave-in mist that hydrates hair without weighing it down. 

Stay tuned. We hope to have a review of these fabulous new products up very soon.