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Will we be seeing a return of ‘Donnie Darko’?

donnie darko

Well, it only took a global pandemic, an imminent climate crisis, and a world-wide political shit show to force Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly out of the shadows after 20 long years to finally tease the expansion of the Donnie Darko universe! Yay, just in time for a literal apocalypse.

The details are slim, but they are there, and that's what counts at this point. In an interview with NME, Kelly noted that eventually, he does in fact hope to revisit the Donnie Darko universe, stating, “Hopefully we’ll have something to show people soon that will really blow everybody’s minds,” he said. “I hope to expand this universe.” J'Adore! We've been waiting for you, Kelly!

He has, admittedly teased a sequel in the past to no apparent avail, telling Coming Soon in 2017: “I’m probably not allowed to say anything more than there has been an enormous amount of work completed. I’m hopeful that we might get to explore that world in a very big and exciting way. But we’ll see what happens. A lot of work has been done.” Time to hand in the assignment, king!

For those who need a refresher on the first film, created by Richard Kelly in 2001 and set in October 1988, Jake Gyllenhaal in his breakout role plays Donnie Darko, a troubled teenager who narrowly escapes a bizarre accident and begins to have visions of Frank, an eerie figure in a rabbit costume who warns him that the world will end in just over 28 days. Frank begins to manipulate Donnie to commit several crimes. It's a cult thriller of the ages, and we want more.

While the sequel has not yet been officially confirmed, but given the above clues, we may get to experience Donnie Darko again in this decade. The question, however, remains: will Jake Gyllenhaal reprise his role as a reincarnated Donnie? Only time will tell!

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