We all want to be the dog in Channing Tatum’s latest film

Hulking man and lover to the hottest woman on the planet, Channing Tatum, has us wishing we could sprout fur and a tail if only to star alongside him in his newest film Dog. A strange request you say? We'll see if you feel any different once you're finished with the trailer.

Simping for white men is generally a hobby we limit to a select few (read: Adam Driver and Timothée Chalamet), but after witnessing Tatum tussle with an ex-military dog, we're open to widening our scope. He plays a former Army Ranger saddled with the task of reforming Lulu - Belgian Malinois - in time for her handler's funeral. With only a week to do so, the unlikely pair take a road trip down across the US pacific coast where they bond in the unlikeliest of ways.

While the plot is somewhat predictable and feels like a cheap shot at our weakness for pups and a bit of brawn, we'll be the first to admit that it's definitely working. Especially after that bubble bath scene in the trailer. Also, after the year we've had we won't say no to a couple of laughs. Either way, we're down.

Besides acting, Channing is also onboard as co-director alongside his longtime collaborator and friend Reid Carolin. The film marks a series of animal-related titles we've seen this year; namely, A24's nordic horror Lamb and the bizarre watch that was meme-lord Nicolas Cage in Pig. While Dog won't be wandering into the darker territory of the former titles, we can't help but wonder what is up with this obsession between man and beast? And if this is the new order, what species are we exploring next?

Dog is out in theatres only on February 17, 2022. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for, below.

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Image: Pinterest