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Creative DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas


Mother’s Day gifts can be hard, particularly while we’re currently living in a very strange world. With online orders posing delays and most of us on a budget, figuring out what to gift on a whim comes with challenges. In the spirit of the new wholesome lifestyle many of us are adopting, we’ve decided what better time to get your hands involved? It’s always the thought that counts most, and what could be more thoughtful than something charmingly homemade? Below, we’ve listed affordable, DIY options for this Mother’s Day.


At home ceramics


No need for clay, cult ceramicist Rachel Saunders recently taught us how to make air drying clay with pantry items. Meaning you can make together as a sweet activity or gift her something built by hand.


A thoughtful card


It may sound a bit lame, but what’s nicer than receiving a card with a lot of love and thought put into it? A cost effective and creative option is to purchase some card and some oil pastels and go nuts. The more abstract, the better as long as it has some purpose. We're taking inspiration from Sanyu.



DIY candle


Definitely more labour intensive, but not impossible. Purchase beeswax or soy wax online or via your local craft store, along with a nice vessel (mason jars are often available and a good size), some wicks (also supplied at craft stores) and some essential oils and get cooking! There are a number of online candle making tutorials to guide you on your way.

DIY Herb Garden


Thanks to Bunnings, DIY home projects aren’t off limits. Herb gardens are small, relatively straightforward and extremely useful gifts if she likes to cook. Pick up a few seedlings and get potting.


DIY tie dye

diy-mothers-day-giftsTie Dye is still having a moment and what better activity to do together than something you’d do as a child? Craft stores and online destinations often sell Tie Dye kits, just pick a t-shirt that could be reinvented and get going.

And if you do decide you want to get mum a little something extra, read our guides to the best florists for flowers this Mother's Day. Or read our curated list of gift ideas.


Image credits top to bottom: @rachelsaundersceramics, @sophie.davies.interiors, @itsblitzzz, pinterest, @sarah_holt_