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Thinking of DIY-ing your hair dye? Watch Bleach TV first

Bleach London

Considering there is literally nothing else to do in Quarantine, many of us are giving in to our impulses and turning to bottles of bleach to feel something again.

How could we not? Pink hair is back, as are e-girl strands and coloured streaks, the more the merrier. If you live on Tik Tok like I do, it is both tempting to DIY your way to looking like Bella Hadid (sans the surgeon) and a grave reminder of the ways in which DIY dye jobs can go horribly wrong. Enter Bleach TV, Bleach Londons series of digital guides and consultations on how to maintain your at-home DIY colour job while salons across the globe stay shut, or you simply don't have the time or money for root touch-ups.

Bleach TV will feature lessons on debunking dye and hair myths, how to look after your colour pre and post dye, and expert guides on how to DIY your dye, which is honestly exactly what we all need right now.  For extra help, you’ll be able to book one-to-one virtual consultations free of charge with Bleach stylists and experts through the Bleach London website and watch live-stream tutorials which will be posted on Instagram.

This is the second instalment of at-home help provided by endlessly enlightening hair oracle, Bleach London, with their series last year titled, Hair Party, where Georgia May Jagger, Maisie Williams, and Pixie Geldof shared their stories and tips on dying and trimming split-ends at home.


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If you're reaching for the bleach in the coming months or have already gone down that road, it's not too late to read up on how to get the best result via their Instagram. I'm certainly inspired to make a much-needed change.

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