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5 DIY home projects you’ll be excited about


How many times can we preface that we’re staying home a lot more these days?

Hopefully by now it goes without saying - but in the instance you need one more reminder - staying at home has loads of fun benefits! One of them being making plans to do a bunch of things to your house that you may or may not ever get around to, even with ample time on your hands. If you are one of those people who will stop at nothing to be productive, Bunnings Warehouse has a treat for you with their new drive and collect program, meaning you don’t have to worry about delayed deliveries or receiving the wrong thing.

Maybe like me, you have a single corner of your house constantly full of crap which I like to call ‘the apartment armpit’ that needs taking care of, maybe you just want to get down and dirty with the DIY, we know Market and Beauty Director, Ellen Presbury sure can (she built her own bookshelves), and so can you. Below, we’ve rounded up five things you can DIY yourself for the home.


A new coat of paint


A lot of us are renting, which essentially means painting the living room pistachio is out of the question, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get freaky with a fresh coat of white. Apartment dwellers/renters, white walls can get pretty gross and tired looking after a while, go nuts with any shade lighter than ivory. Homeowners, this is definitely the perfect time for a feature wall (or is it?).


DIY some shelving


This is definitely on my agenda to tackle the ‘apartment armpit’. Ever built anything from IKEA and felt a heavy dopamine rush once the item is assembled? If an IKEA induced dopamine rush were weed, building your own is opium (not that we’d actually know). Your sense of accomplishment will be through the roof. Bunnings has an entire D.I.Y step-by-step advice tab for those who have no idea where to even start, for all of your shelving dreams to come alive.


An entertainment unit


DIY entertainment units have a horrible reputation thanks to Friends, but consider an option that doesn’t involve people-sized cabinets. Considering we’re leaning heavily on Netflix to get us through this time, when better to make it a functional experience? You’ll feel like a building boss with this one.


Planter boxes


In the mood to grow your own produce? Maybe it’s herbs you’re after, maybe it’s florals for the bees. Whichever takes your fancy, there are plenty of planting options for whatever your living arrangement. Make some raised beds for all the vegetables or keep it small and simple with some balcony planters.


A bath-time caddy


Why wait for a bath caddy to arrive in the mail when you could DIY your own? Probably because you just want to relax in the bath which is a fair point, but this relatively small project can have a big payoff if you let it. Design your own, go for a homemade vibe instead of something off the internet that might rust or fall apart, and stew in your bath water knowing that you’ve really got it together.