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Model, actress and internet It-girl Devon Ross is releasing her first single ‘Swim’

Model, actress and internet It-girl Devon Ross is releasing her first single 'Swim'

As the daughter of Craig Ross – guitarist for legendary rock star Lenny Kravitz – it seems only natural, hereditary even, that Devon Ross would finally come around to release some of her own, original music.

The actress, model and internet It-girl has never shied from her affinity for the old-school rock and roll greats on her Instagram over the years, often posting images of her favourites, like David Bowie or Patti Smith, to her feed, or uploading guitar covers of Freddie King and Charlie Christian that she's performed alongside her dad on the floor of her band poster-plastered bedroom.

While she's recently detoured into the acting world – stepping out in a Celine gown on the red-carpeted steps of this year's Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of HBO's miniseries Irma Vep – we're delighted – ecstatic even – to wake up to an announcement from Ross that confirms she has music on its way to our ears.


What do we know so far about her new music?

Today, Ross posted a black and white image to her 113K Instagram followers, by way of announcing her first ever single entitled Swim, which she is releasing as part of Thurston Moore's (guitarist for Sonic Youth) record label Daydream Library Series.

The label said in their announcement of the single, that: "We can already tell you that it’s addictive and hypnotic and irreverent and delicious and and and and and we cannot wait for you to hear it…!"


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When will it be released?

You won't have to wait long to get your ears fed. According to Daydream Library Series, the single will drop on all digital platforms next week, on 21 September, which they say is 'International Peace Day'.

In the meantime, you can pre-save Swim via Ross's Instagram.

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