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Everyone’s favourite gossip monger DeuxMoi is getting a HBO series based on its unreleased book

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The devil works hard but streaming services work harder as HBO is working on a Deuxmoi TV series adapted from their unreleased novel. The book – only announced in March – is slated for release in November, with both the series and book titled Anon Pls.

What is DeuxMoi?

For those unfamiliar with the annals of Instagram celebrity gossip pages, DeuxMoi is an anonymous account relaying celebrity sightings and has become a go-to source of information on your favourites from Harry Styles to Gwyneth Paltrow. Since opening their account in 2020, they have amassed a following exceeding 1 million loyal fans.

What is the plot of the DeuxMoi series?

While our initial thoughts were those of confusion and intrigue, the plot of the Deuxmoi series is more easily transferable to the small screen than one may initially think. Anon Pls followed protagonist Cricket Lopez, an assistant to a celebrity stylist, as she launches a gossip blog on a whim. As the popularity of the account rapidly grows, Lopez herself becomes an anonymous celebrity. And while no one knows she is behind the account, the newfound success begins to affect her personal life with her boss concerned about her disappearing on the job and friends irritated at her dedication to the page. Art imitating life, anyone?


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Taking a romantic turn, Lopez meets a love interest online, however, cannot be sure of their true intentions. With her growing, anonymous fame and notoriety, Lopez begins to contemplate if the fame, insider access and escape from life are worth losing everything she has.

Anon Pls – the novel, that is – was written alongside New York Times bestselling author, Jessica Goodman, with the series executively produced by Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter. A release date for the HBO DeuxMoi series is still to be announced, with the book releasing on November 8th.

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