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9 photos that show Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow’s 90s style is unmatched

As far as iconic celebrity couples go, I find Brad and Gwyneth often overlooked for those more historic pairings. Posh and Becks, Brad and Angie, Kate and Johnny (who we now boo), Kirsten and Jake, Salma and Ed, to name a few. Perhaps they were never the pair who wore each other's blood in vials around their necks or went on to own fashion empires, but they always nailed couple dressing. While Angelina was getting 'Billy Bob' tattooed on her bicep, Brad and Gwyneth were coordinating to the 9's, delivering some of the most iconic couple looks of the 90s. See our favourites, below.


brad pitt and gwyneth paltrow



Huge New Year's Eve inspiration from this one. Gwyneth? radiant. Brad? cool enough to pull off sunglasses at night, even if they are of the round variety.





Either Gwyneth borrowed Brad's shades from the first image, or Brad borrowed Gwyneth's from the second photo. Will we ever know? Either way, she makes us reconsider the pixie cut.



brad pitt and gwyneth paltrow



Another sunglasses moment worth nothing. We love the neutral magic happening here.



brad pitt and gwyneth paltrow



Brad making an extreme case for the sweater vest in a once again perfectly coordinated ensemble.



brad pitt and gwyneth paltrow



When coordinating your outfit fails (not that they have) one can always coordinate hairstyles.



brad pitt and gwyneth paltrow



Wedding vibes? Funeral vibes? The only fact that remains is that of looking hot.


brad pitt and gwyneth paltrow



My entire summer mood from here on out on both fronts. Imagine looking this sleepy and gorgeous? Must be relaxing to be this attractive.





The matrix could never! Keanu, come get your coat.





Petition to bring back satin coats and spikey, floppy up-dos. Who's with me?

We'll be imitating the pair forever more, particularly now that the weather is heating up. Which look are you most likely to jack? We vote all, but are leaning heavily towards sweater vest territory.

Image credit: @90scelebvibes

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