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Depop seller Susamusa talks vintage, sustainability and why Julia Roberts is her 90s style icon

Here at RUSSH it's no coincidence that our love affair with vintage has peaked at the same moment as our climate awareness. Especially when we consider the reality that Australians are the highest consumer of textiles per person in the world, second only to the US; and that on average each year a single Australian purchases 27 kilograms of new clothing and 23 kilograms of that will ultimately end up in landfill within the same year. These unsettling truths only intensify our desire to be more thoughtful when it comes to our sartorial choices; and one way we can action this is by shopping secondhand.

Online marketplaces like Depop afford us this option. They've been a lifesaver during lockdown but are also particularly handy for those of us who do not have the luxury of a neat block lined with vintage stores. And with the age of 90s culture upon us, shopping vintage and secondhand simply makes sense. No longer is vintage shopping a fringe activity either. Some of the most covetable wardrobes, (see: Zoe Kravitz, Jemima Kirke and Bella Hadid) all feature a heaping spoon of the vintage variety. In fact, it is well-documented that the latter is a regular patron of Depop; with her seller of choice being the English Susamusa, famed for her 90s and naughties wares.

For those fresh to the realm of Depop and looking to expand their selection of vintage 90s pieces, we spoke to Asal Tehrani, the creator of Susamusa, about the rise of Depop, working with Bella Hadid and why 90s fashion resonates in 2021. Look below for the full interview.


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What are your favourite 90’s brands? 

My favourite 90’s brands are Morgan De Toi, Betsey Johnson and Karen Millen in the 90’s, who made timeless and classic dresses.

What are your favourite 90’s trends? 

My favourite 90’s trends have to be leather jackets and leather two pieces! You can get away with wearing leather all year round in London. Another trend I love are mini bags!

Why do you think people resonate with 90’s fashion, especially in 2021? 

I think people resonate with 90’s fashion as it was such an iconic time! The 90’s had iconic movies, film series and style icons. Julia Roberts' outfits in Notting Hill and Pretty Woman are truly iconic and influence my style today. Our Generation is becoming more conscious about where our clothes come from and who made them and we want to make more sustainable decisions. By shopping 90’s vintage you are keeping clothes in circulation for longer and are encouraging slower fashion.

What is one 90’s staple/trend everyone should own? 

A classic leather jacket paired with Levi 501’s!

Can you share any tips for sourcing unique vintage and deadstock pieces? 

I love buying vintage when I travel, each city has their own unique markets and style. Berlin and Athens are favourites. The most accessible place to buy vintage is on Depop. Depop has a great DNA page which suggests pieces they think you would love. My DNA page on Depop is so accurate.


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What is your favourite item that you’ve sourced? 

My favourite piece I’ve ever sourced is a sheer vintage Betsey Johnson dress which I live in all summer. It is such a timeless piece that I will keep forever.

What inspires your stylistic approach when working with your celebrity clients, which include Bella Hadid and Jesse Jo Stark 

I envision how the piece would look on them and how it would sit on their silhouettes. Their confidence and personality inspires the outfits that I put together for them.


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What advice would you give sellers on growing their business? 

My best advice would be to be consistent and offer good customer service to your customers. Keep your customers happy! Try to source and sell timeless and unique pieces to stand out from other sellers.

What do you love most about Depop 

What I love most about Depop is the strong community and connection you can build with other sellers and buyers. I’ve met such incredible people through Depop. I love what Depop stands for and it is such a great platform for small and independent businesses.

To the untrained eye Depop can be a strange place to navigate; so now that you're well-acquainted with Susamusa, here are 7 other Depop sellers specialising in 90s and Y2K fashion that should be on your radar. Looking to build your own store? Here's some advice from Depop's Australian Manager, Aria Wigneswaran, on how to sell on Depop.

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